Green Tourism Development Concept On The Island Of Bali

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Green Tourism Development Concept On The Island Of Bali.

If you are a fan of nature tourism, Bali can be one of your favorite vacation destinations. Especially for you who like photography or selfie photos. Bali is indeed beautiful, because the island is decorated by beaches, sea, meadows, forests and historic locations. All the places that you explore will certainly fascinate you. So, don’t be surprised if Bali tourism always develops from time to time.

What's more, now the island is filled with tourists with young age. Certainly, tourism trends will shift towards the experienced-based. Therefore, information technology must be maximally utilized in the tourism sphere. For now, the most suitable type of tourism for young people is Green Tourism or often referred to as Pariwisata Hijau.

Green Tourism in Bali has received support from various parties, including the government that provides policies that strengthen human resources development in Bali. In addition to government support, the application of technology also plays an important role in developing this green tourism industry. Thus, its development will be more effective, efficient, and sustainable.

The third support came from the education sector. Education is the main key to improve the quality of human resources. While the community also has a very important role to contribute in providing applicative solutions. From these four sides of support, Bali can continue to develop the tourism industry, especially green tourism.

Green tourism is focused on preserving natural and cultural heritage. One of them is by reducing the negative impacts that can be caused by the tourism sector. In addition, the empowerment of local communities is also very important. By increasing the social and cultural life of local people, their living quality and standard will also improve.

The concept of green tourism will also emphasize sustainability in the economic field. In other words, the benefits from the tourism sector are not just today. But for the long term. In addition, biodiversity will also be developed and maintained optimally.

Both of the above will further develop if supported by the strength of the local identity of the Balinese people. Therefore, economic income for local people is also important to be increased. So, if the community is prosperous, the tourists on this island will feel more comfortable. With the concept of developing green tourism, there will definitely be more people from all over the world visiting Bali! What do you think?