Having An Adventure To The Carat Buleleng Waterfall

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  • Desa Bontihing, Kecamatan Kutambahan


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Having An Adventure To The Carat Buleleng Waterfall.

You will find many waterfalls in Bali, along with their beautiful green panoramas. Usually, the waterfall that you will meet is located quite far from the main road. So there must be extra effort to get there. However, your efforts will pay off when you reach the waterfall. Beautiful scenery will spoil and soothe your eyes while you’re there.

Carat Waterfall 

Besides Gitgit Waterfall, Buleleng still has other interesting waterfalls. It's called Carat Waterfall. This waterfall is located right on the edge of the Kintamani-Singaraja highway, which is in Bontihing Village, Kutambahan District. After parking your vehicle, you need to walk about 600 meters to arrive at the waterfall. This path is quite popular among the adventurers. It a footpath with thick clove and coffee plants view on the right and left side. But before going through the path, you have to go through a bamboo bridge above a small stream. It takes extra energy to get to the waterfall because this waterfall is still classified as natural. So, you won’t find many supporting facilities to make your trip easier. But after arriving at the location, surely you will be stunned by this waterfall.

The name carat is taken from the Balinese language caratan which means jug or drinking water container. Carat Waterfall consists of two different sized waterfalls. The small Carat Waterfall has a height of around 4 meters. With a very heavy water discharge and a pool of water below it. This place promises freshness, many visitors who come here can never resist the temptation to swim or just play water. Besides that, this is the only part of Carat Waterfall where you can enjoy the pool. 

Carat Waterfall has a height of about 100 meters. In addition to the height, the waterfall is also surrounded by high and steep cliffs. Carat Waterfall is also one of the highest waterfalls in Bali, besides Sekumpul Waterfall, which is also in Buleleng. The location is difficult to access due to steep road conditions. So it is very dangerous. So you can only admire its beauty from a distance. If you want to take pictures of this waterfall, you also need to look for a higher place and some distance to get the right angle. It’s all because the position of Carat Waterfall is on a high and steep cliff. 

There are no facilities available, such as food stalls, to support tourist attractions. So don’t forget to bring your own drinking water and snacks to overcome thirst and hunger while you’re there. So you can linger to enjoy the atmosphere at Carat Waterfall. 

Since it is still very natural, the location of Carat Waterfall is considered sacred by the local residents. So the visitors must well behave and speak only good words. It also is not permitted to damage anything in the area. So if you want to visit the waterfall, be sure to understand the rules.