Healthy Vacation With Yoga At Sosro Karangasem Beach

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  • Desa Subagan, Kecamatan Karangasem


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Healthy Vacation With Yoga At Sosro Karangasem Beach.

Usually, when you're on vacation, people tend to choose some leisure activities. However, let’s fill your holiday with healthy and beneficial activities. Yoga, for example. You don't have to go to a yoga studio to do it. Yep, you can do yoga in the middle of natural scenery, such as in Sosro Beach, Karangasem.

Sosro Beach 

This beach is located in Subagan Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency. The distance is not too far from Amlapura City, which is only 6 km and takes about 15 minutes. While from the famous tourist attraction of Tenganan Village, it takes about 30 minutes with a distance of 14 km. This beach is still relatively easy to reach.

Sosro Beach is a black sand beach. The texture of the beach sand is very fine. The beach waves are calm. Along the coast, almost no coral is found which often adorns the beach. With such calm nature, it's no wonder that some people often come to Sosro Beach to practice yoga. 

Yes, yoga in nature is more beneficial. This is a way to get closer to nature. The sound of rolling waves, chirping birds, and gentle gusts of wind will become one to ease your mind. So you can better understand the benefits of nature and be reluctant to damage it. What's more, several beaches in Bali are currently being hit by the issue of plastic rubble. By doing yoga activities on the beach, you can be more aware of these environmental problems. 

There are several spots that are usually used as a place to practice yoga. The first spot is a wide plain near the beach which is overgrown with wild peking grass. This place is quite large and close to the vehicle parking area. If you choose yoga time in the morning, this location is right for you. Another spot is on the beach. But, you need to wait for the right time until the seawater recedes to be able to do yoga on the beach. Sloping surfaces are comfortable enough to be used as a field to express some yoga poses. Exercising your body while waiting for the sunset really is an unforgettable activity. 

Besides yoga, you can also swim. Since the waves are calm, this beach is also quite safe for children. The fine beach sand grains are also suitable as material to build a small castle. Don't forget to bring your own equipment! The facilities at the Sosro Beach are almost complete. You can find some food stalls, toilets, and parking lots. With these complete facilities, it’s definitely not enough to spend only an hour or two. 

Nature gives us a sweet opportunity to be enjoyed for free. So, let’s keep it well. Enjoy your pleasant time at Sosro Beach!