Indrakila, A Temple Full With Philosophical Meaning

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  • Dausa, Kecamatan Kintamani


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Indrakila, A Temple Full With Philosophical Meaning.

The island of a million temples is indeed a very appropriate word for Bali. There are countless temples, places of worship for Hindu people, which have a unique Balinese architecture. Not only the uniqueness of its architecture, but many temples in Bali are also located in a beautiful and comfortable area to visit.

Most temples in Bali are often targeted by tourists, both local and foreign. One of them is Pura Indrakila. This temple is located in Dausa Village, Kintamani District, and has a distance of approximately 40 km from the city of Bangli. 

According to an inscription issued during the reign of King Jayasakti in Bali, precisely at 1133-1150 AD, Indrakila Temple may have been built at that time. In folklore from generation to generation, they said that Indrakila Temple is still related to the Mahabharata story. This temple was made as a place for the king to meditate, in order to have the determination and introspection in carrying out various responsibilities as a leader. 

Indrakila Temple stands on a hill as a replica of Mount Indrakila, the place of Arjuna in India. The main pelinggih in this temple is in the form of three rooms, which symbolize the worship of Sang Hyang Tri Purusa or Sang Hyang Tiga Wisesa, as the soul of the great Tri Loka. The purpose of the worship of Sang Hyang Tiga Wisesa is to build strength so that humanity doesn’t do bad things that could damage the situation in Bhuwah and Swah Loka. 

If related to modern times, the damage caused by humans has been proven. Humans use various machines that emit smoke and pollute the space. A space filled with pollution can cause various miseries and diseases, and disrupt the lives of plants, animals, and humans that exist on earth. The worship of Sang Hyang Tri Purusa is also a symbol that God is everywhere, as the great soul of Bhur Loka, Bhuwah Loka, and Swah Loka. 

According to the temple stakeholders, Indrakula is the Dang Kahyangan temple, a place for spiritual learning and practice to strengthen our identity. In this place, piodalan ceremonies are also routinely held, which is every Purnama Sasih Kapat. 

Actually, this temple building was damaged and has undergone various repairs. In addition, this temple has also been expanded by adding several pelinggih. Interested in learning the philosophy of the Pura Indrakila? Come immediately to this place. You can study and meditate while enjoying the beautiful green scenery.