Jaja Bendu, A Sweet Snack From Jembrana

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Jaja Bendu, A Sweet Snack From Jembrana.

Bali is not just a place to travel and to enjoy the natural scenery. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of Balinese foods. Balinese cuisine is quite attractive to many tourists because of the manufacturing process and the way it is served. Besides that, Balinese spices is one of the distinctive flavours that are worth trying. Therefore, there are various cuisines that you can taste while in Bali, such as Jaja Bendu.

Jaja Bendu  

Jaja Bendu is a traditional cake from Jembrana Regency. From the outside, this cake looks simple. But when it’s tasted, it feels amazing! Due to its delicious taste, Jaja Bendu is always present at every formal and non-formal event held by Balinese people, especially in Jembrana.

Jaja bendu is made from sticky rice, grated coconut, and Balinese sugar. Glutinous flour is the basic ingredient to make the skin layer. While grated coconut and Balinese sugar are cooked into unti (grated coconut mixed with liquid sugar), then it’s used as the contents of the cake. It’s easy to make it. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with grated coconut. At the same time, boil water with hibiscus leaves. After that, add the boiled water and salt sufficiently to the mixture, and roast it using a pan. When the skin is finished, fill it with unti, shape it (usually cylindrical roll or triangle), then wrap it in banana leaf.   

Jaja Bendu resembles a lupis cake. The difference is, if lupis cake is poured with brown sugar souce and coconut, on the other hand, jaja bendu is filled with brown sugar and coconut. Fo those who love sweets, of course this snack could be your favourite.  

Jaja Bendu can be categorized as street food snacks. It can be found in many street markets. Although it’s a snack from Jembrana, you can find it easily in every district. Anyway, if you buy or make Jaja Bendu, it should be consumed immediately because this food can only last a day. Do you want to try one? You should definitely enjoy the snack with bitter coffee. It will taste better!