Jejerukan, A Delightful Balinese Menu To Spoil Your Tongue

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  • Jalan Utama Penelokan, Batur Selatan, Kintamani


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Jejerukan, A Delightful Balinese Menu To Spoil Your Tongue .

If you have ever tried Balinese food, surely you will be reminded of its delicious traditional spices. Even more delicious while enjoying very charming natural scenery. Yes, Bali is already popular throughout the world thanks to its natural wealth and tradition. Many people also visit Bali for culinary tours to taste typical foods.

Indeed, there are a lot of popular Balinese special foods. However, there are also some not-so-popular-but-delicious-foods. One of them is Jejeruk. For those who have never tried or heard the name, be sure to read this article! 

Jejeruk is one of the typical Balinese foods made from mushrooms, specifically oyster mushrooms. In jejeruk culinary, oyster mushrooms are cooked with various spices typical of Bali. In addition, some additional ingredients also enliven the taste. For example, coconut milk, grated young coconut, and also lime. 

Well, if you are a fan of mushrooms, vegans, or vegetarians, of course, this menu is perfect for you. You can easily find Jejerukan in Bali. However, if you can’t wait until your next holiday, you can try to make it at home. 

Jejerukan Recipe 

First, prepare the main ingredients, namely 250 grams of oyster mushrooms, 5 tablespoons of grated coconut, 1 lime, 50 ml of coconut milk, also sugar and salt. Then, don't forget to provide 5 cloves of shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 red chilies, 2 grains of candlenut, as well as ½ segments of ginger, galangal, and kencur. These ingredients will be used to make spices. 

After all the ingredients are available, steam the coconut and oyster mushrooms separately for 10 minutes. Then, stir-fry the spices until cooked, and add coconut milk, sugar, and salt. After that, cook until the water boiled away. After that, add the orange juice, also the coconut and mushrooms that have been steamed. Mix it well and your homemade Jejerukan is ready to be served! 

In the first bite, a rich taste will immediately melt in your mouth. Not to mention the added smell of the fragrant spices that becomes one with fresh lime juice and savory coconut. This food will be more delicious if served with warm rice and enjoyed with the family.