JR Peak: A Paradise In The Clouds, Where Jembrana Youth Meet Each Other

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  • Banjar Pancaseming, Desa Batuagung, Kecamatan Jembrana


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JR Peak: A Paradise In The Clouds, Where Jembrana Youth Meet Each Other.

Bali is famous for having the most exotic natural beauty: an expanse of rice fields, verdant hills, and forests look amazing as far as your eyes can see. With this kind of opportunity, Balinese people are flocking to build tourist facilities using substations of view. So that tourists who visit can also enjoy the nature of the Island of the Gods. JR Jembrana Peak Tourism is one of the current tourist destinations that has this kind of atmosphere. When you are at the Peak of Youth Meetings (JR), you will be invited as if you were watching the view of Bali from the sky.

The Summit of Jumpa Remaja (JR) Jembrana

The current tourism object in Jembrana was inaugurated around 2017. Initially it was discovered by young people from the local village Sekaa Truna (STT). In Balinese society, STT is a youth organization in Banjar. With the presence of the Puncak JR tourist attraction, young people hope to be able to help the community as well as the Banjar Pancaseming community, Batuagung Village, Jembrana District, Jembrana.

At the Summit of JR, you can find a variety of interesting photo locations. Moreover, this area is located in the highlands with views of a beautiful valley. The valley is filled with shady green trees. The existence of these trees makes the surrounding air so cool and fresh.

Want to take pictures with the background of green trees? You can choose where to take pictures in the viewing post that directly faces the valley. You can also challenge your adrenaline by trying to swing wood deliberately placed on the edge of a cliff. The wind that blew will hit your face and feet, it could make your hair goosebumps when the swing began to swing. No need to be afraid. This swing is equipped with several safety devices.

In addition, there are also special spots that are often chosen by tourists when they are on JR Bali Peak Tours. The special spot is a tower known as the bumpang tower. This tower was built with a height that is enough to make anyone rethink to ride it. At the top of the tower, there is a flying red and white flag. It's interesting to take a picture there.

The price of admission to the JR Jembrana Peak is relatively cheap, which is only IDR 5,000. With low prices, you can take pictures as much as possible while enjoying the view. No wonder Balinese teenagers are seen spending a lot of time here.

To get to the tourist sites from Ngurah Rai I Gusti International Airport, it takes quite a long journey: you need about a 3-hour drive. You can choose to stay a day for up to two days at Jembrana to explore other attractions in Jembrana besides the Puncak JR.