Keramas Beach: A Travel Destination For Night Surfing

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  • Desa Keramas, Kecamatan Blahbatuh


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Keramas Beach: A Travel Destination For Night Surfing.

If you hear the name of the Island of the Gods, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the exotic beaches. You’re right! This time, you’ll get to know more about a beach that has been popular among surfers. It’s called Keramas Beach in Gianyar.

Keramas Beach 

Keramas Beach is located in Keramas Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. It’s easy to get to this beach because it is located on the By-Pass Ida Bagus Mantra route. You will always pass through this route whenever you’re in the East Bali Region. It takes a 1-hour drive from the Ngurah Rai Airport or Jimbaran, while 30 minutes drive from Denpasar City.

When you set foot on Keramas Beach, you will be greeted by a beautiful natural panorama: a row of trees lined up neatly along the road. After that, you will immediately be treated to a stretch of rice fields and corn gardens owned by the local residents. Unlike many other beaches which are always crowded with visitors, the atmosphere at Keramas Beach tends to be calm and quiet. So you can enjoy an interesting natural treat on a wide stretch of black sand beach. Keramas Beach has four beach points, namely Keramas I Beach which is commonly called Betuas Beach, Keramas II Beach or Selukat Beach, Keramas III Beach called Sesa Beach and Keramas IV Beach. 

Apparently, the name Keramas Beach has its own story. It’s called Keramas because this beach was often visited by golden turtles to lay eggs. But over time, the existence of golden turtles on this beach began to disappear due to wild-capture by irresponsible people who are hypnotized by the beautiful appearance of this reptile. Although there are no longer golden turtles, Keramas Beach still tempts with the waves. 

This beach waves have a height of more than 2 meters. This is the ideal wave height for surfers. Beginner surfers can also learn to conquer the waves here. Keramas is also the only beach in Bali that holds Night Surfing. Night conditions at the beach are quite bright because there are two towers of floodlights. This can bring new and unforgettable experiences for surfers. The best time to surf is four days before and after the full moon or new moon, and in the dry season, between June-October. No need to carry a surfboard, because there are so many rental places around the beach. 

Besides surfing, you can swim, build a castle out of the sand, play beach volleyball, sunbathe, take pictures, and fish. In the afternoon, this beach is also often used for jogging because it has a fairly long area. While in the morning, you can watch the sunrise which is one of the main attractions of Keramas Beach. 

Around the beach, there are many types of inns such as villas, hotels, and guest houses. You can choose one of them according to your budget. By choosing accommodation around Keramas Beach, your access to the beach is easier and it will save your time.