Kerauhan, A Mystical Concept In Some Sacred Ceremonies In Bali

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Kerauhan, A Mystical Concept In Some Sacred Ceremonies In Bali.

As an island that is rich in customs, people in Bali still apply the traditional values ​​handed down by their ancestors to this day. In fact, not infrequently, the ongoing tradition can be said to still hold mystical values. One of them is kerauhan.

Some of you may have heard this term. However, many people think that kerauhan has the same meaning as kerasukan and kesurupan. In fact, these three things are different things. However, there is one thing in common, which is to present an invisible force.

Kerauhan itself comes from the word 'rauh', which means 'to come' in a sacred context. The supernatural powers are usually holy beings. It has a positive goal and value, namely to give a guidance to humans. Usually, kerauhan becomes part of a tradition, one of which is the yadnya ceremony in South Bali. When the magical power of the gods is presented, the person who experiences kerauhan will lose consciousness for a moment, but can still be well controlled.

In general, there are four types of kerauhan in ritual ceremonies. The first is "crawling", which is a body movement of touching the ground. The creature that possesses the body in this type of kerauhan is the sacred vehicle of Ida Bhattara / Bhattari. Second, "ngurek" or stabbing oneself with sharp weapons, possessed by pepatih Ida Bhattara / Bhattari. The third is "dancing" because they are possessed by widyadara / widyadari. And the last "silent" or without movement, possessed by Ida Bhattara / Bhattari.

In the performance of a sacred ritual, kerauhan is essential and must be done. According to the belief, kerauhan will be the bridge between humanity on earth and the invisible forces that exist in other realms.

Unfortunately, the sacredness of the concept of kerauhan is unknown to many people. Kerauhan has a confused meaning, and some even consider it a negative thing. In addition, as mentioned above, misunderstandings in society often occur. Many think the concept of kerauhan is the same as kerasukan and kesurupan.

Kerasukan is usually negative. It can be said, kerasukan is an activity that deliberately incorporates negative energy. The energy presented can be in the form of witchcraft, demit, spirit, or deluh. While kesurupan can occur without a cause. Plus, someone who is in the middle of kesurupan usually overflows with emotions and hysteria to go beyond consciousness. So, these two things are different from kerauhan that has a sacred value.

Kerauhan is a cultural heritage that must be maintained. For this reason, understanding the concept of kerauhan should be known by the wider community through education. Thus, the negative label about this concept will disappear and kerauhan can become a sacred culture that remains sustainable.