Getting Around Civet Preservation In Kintamani

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  • Jl. Raya Kintamani, Pengotan Village, Kintamani District


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Getting Around Civet Preservation In Kintamani.

Exploring every corner in Bali will take a lifetime since there are so many tourist choices that you can enjoy. A part from visiting its natural beauty and cultural tourism, you can experince the attractive civet preservation in this island. Sounds interesting right? In addition, you can taste the famous Luwak coffee (civet coffee) there as well. Getting around with your beloved family as means of education to learn more about the civet coffee while spending your quality time together.

Kintamani Luwak Coffee

In Kintamani, precisely on Jalan Kintamani, Pengotan Village, Bangli Regency, there is a 2 hectares area for civet preservation. You can enjoy B36 Luwak Coffee Agro Tourism there. A package of Luwak coffee agro tourism is available in several choices. The package includes going around the coffee plantation, the information about coffee plantations in Kintamani and its manufacturing process, workshops on how to breed civet to produce delicious and special coffee beans.

You can increase your knowledge about civet coffee by spending four to nine hours of your time in Kintamani’s preservation. This kind of educational tourism is suitable for you who want to learn and know the process of civet coffee directly from the preservation. You can also see how the civet is breeded, the treatment process, until they eat the coffee beans. Then, the best coffee beans will come out and ready to enjoy.

Most tourists come with their families or those who have a special interest in coffee. In addition, beside going around the garden, you can also enjoy meals from the local restaurant. The rates set at around Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 3,000,000 depending on the package you prefer to choose.

Do not hesitate to contact the owner or the staff of the preservation to get further explanation. Getting around the preservation and seeing directly the civet in their habitat is an interesting activity that you should try during your holiday in Bali.