Loloh Cemcem, A Typical Nutritious Drink In Penglipuran Village

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Loloh Cemcem, A Typical Nutritious Drink In Penglipuran Village.

Is Penglipuran Village included in one of the tourist attractions that you will visit on your vacation in Bali? If so, then you are lucky. Because this place not only offers a comfortable and clean rural atmosphere. But there are also typical culinary items that you can try. That is the Loloh Cemcem drink. Do you want to know what is Loloh Cemcem? Let’s see the reviews before you try.

Loloh Cemcem

Loloh Cemcem is a traditional beverage from Penglipuran Village. Penglipuran Village is one of the most frequently visited tourist villages and is located in Kubu District, Bangli Regency. Cemcem leaf is one of the main commodities produced by Penglipuran Village. By the local people, the leaves are processed into fresh drinks that are beneficial for our health.

This green healthy drink is often thought to have a bitter taste. Because many people think that cemcem leaves themselves tend to produce a bitter taste if processed into culinary. In fact, this assumption is wrong. Bitter taste won’t be felt when you drink Loloh Cemcem, because the mixture of liquid palm sugar can neutralize the bitter taste.

In the process, cemcem leaves are mixed with several other plants such as jatropha leaves, betel leaves, and dadap leaves. The four leaves are crushed, then put in warm water. After that, mix the water with cinnamon and liquid palm sugar to neutralize the bitter taste that comes from the leaves. To add to the delicious taste of this drink, there are some sellers who deliberately mix coconut meat into it. If you add ice cubes, it will definitely be more refreshing! It’s the best drink to enjoy when Bali’s air is hot. You thirst will instantly disappeared.

Not only as a refreshing drink, Loloh Cemcem also has several benefits for the body. Like reducing high blood pressure and promoting digestive disorders. Because of these benefits, tourists visiting Penglipuran Village often try Loloh Cemcem. This drink is also very easy to find. Almost all residents of Penglipuran Village sell it, usually in front of each house. The price for one bottle of Loloh Cemcem is also affordable. So you can try it without worrying about your money.