Enjoying The Delicious Jukut Serapah

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  • Dauhwaru, Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia


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Enjoying The Delicious Jukut Serapah.

Bali isn’t always about its natural charm, but also the tasty and unique traditional food. So it will be incomplete if you go to Bali without tasting the traditional food. So what kind of food do you have to try while in there?

Jukut Serapah 

Well, if you happen to be in the Jembrana area, there is a unique food that you can try. The name is Jukut Serapah. This food is suitable for vegetarians. In Balinese, Jukut means triangular-shaped rice cake. This food is served and sliced into small pieces. Vegetables are used as toppings, such as cassava leaves, spinach, jackfruit, papaya leaves, and banana flowers. Then, the yellow sauce will be added.

The yellow-colored sauce is produced from turmeric. So you don't need to worry, this food does not contain harmful preservatives and coloring. In addition to the yellow sauce, there is telengis as the final dish. Telengis is pulp from coconut oil. At a glance, telengis looks like tofu, but this is a filter from coconut oil. The color is brown and is added at the very top of the Mukut Serapah. 

Well, usually Jukut Serapah is served using banana leaves. They also choose the banana leaves carefully, because the fragrance of banana leaves will produce a different taste in Jukut Serapah. In other areas outside Bali, Jukut Serapah looks more like a pecel. But it is different in serving seasoning, because pecel uses peanut sauce that is watered over the vegetables, coupled with kerupuk (some kind of crackers) as a compliment. 

If you are a fan of spicy flavors, Jukut Serapah can be served with additional chili slices. But be careful! The excessive spicy taste can be harmful for your digestion system. Besides, if you give too many chilis, the taste of Jukut Kerapah might be covered by spicy flavor. 

So don't forget to try Jukut Serapah if you are in Jembrana. You can easily find this food around there. You will get this traditional Jembrana culinary at a very affordable price. Try asking local residents where is the famous seller Jukut Serapah, then stop by to taste the delicious taste of this traditional menu