Looking At The Natural Composition Of The Mount Mencol, Karangasem

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Looking At The Natural Composition Of The Mount Mencol, Karangasem.

Bali is often known as The Island of God. The island is inhabited by friendly and comfortable residents. If you go to Bali, whether on a tour or business trip, you will see local people worship and say prayers to the Gods. Either in a holy place or called a temple or in a place of their daily activities. In some tourist attractions, such as Mencol Hill, you will also find temple buildings located on top of the hill. This is what makes Bali have a high appeal. Nature, society, and the environment are interrelated and build the dynamics of a shared life.

Mencol Hill is located in the village of East Seraya, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency. Its location is on the east coast of Bali, which makes Karangasem Regency have many interesting tourist attractions. From hilly tourist attractions like in Mencol Hill, you can see the sea to historical attractions such as Semarapura and Sukasada Ujung Park.

Your eyes will be spoiled by a balanced composition between the green hills and sea plains. Unfortunately, the road that must be traversed towards Mount Mencol isn’t smooth. If you are from Denpasar, it takes 3 to 4 hours to get to this tourist area. There are around 300-meter damaged asphalt that you have to pass, so be careful. It is recommended if you go to Bukit Mencol on a motorcycle.

Every season, you will be surprised by the uniqueness of this hill. During the rainy season, grasses and weeds will turn green and fertile. This will give a fresh impression of the view. While during the dry season, the sad impression will be felt once you arrive at this tourist spot. The leaves on the tree aren’t bushy as usual, and the color of the plants tends to turn yellow.

This place hasn't much facilities yet, but the local residents provide their toilet for tourists. Even so, you have to ask permission before using their toilet. There are also some food and drink stalls, also owned by the local residents. This is their side business to make living, besides being farmers and fishermen.

On the top of Mencol Hill, there is Mencol Temple and a Kepel tree that covers the top of the temple. Once entering the gate at the foot of the hill, you will climb a number of stairs to reach the peack. To make it easier to climb, wear a comfortable footwear like tracking sandals.

Occasionally, on Mencol Hill, there will be laughter from the children of East Serayu Village. This hill is the place where they play and spend time after school. If you meet them, don't forget to greet them. Give a smile and share some stories if you have time.

Mencol Hill is also commonly used for camping. In this hill with a slope of about 45 degrees, there is flat ground to set up tents and light a campfire. However, because the bathroom facilities are not available, you can ask permission to use the toilet in the stalls around the hill.