Majegau: The Rare Original Flora In Bali

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  • Dusun Mundu Anyar, Kelurahan Tegalcangkring, Kecamatan Mendoyo


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Majegau: The Rare Original Flora In Bali.

Each place must have unique flora and fauna which are usually become a mascot of the area. In Bali, for example, there’s the Majegau tree. The magnificent and rare flora in Bali.

Majegau of Bali 

Majegau is a unique flora on the island of Bali. If the name Bali Starling Bird has been widely known, not many people know about this Majegau Tree. We could say that this tree is the identity of Bali. Biologically, this plant has the scientific name Dysoxylum Densiflorum. This tree belongs to the Meliaceae family related to mahogany plants. In other regions, Majegau has different names. Like Pingku in Sundanese, Cempaga in Javanese, Kheuruh for Madurese, and Tumbawa Rendai in Minahasa.

In Bali, the Mejagau Tree is not only an identity. It is a very sacred tree. All parts of the Majegau Tree are utilized by the Balinese people, especially Hindu, as a complement to religious ceremonies. For example, Mejagau has a hard and durable stem. This hard stem is believed to be the symbol of Sadhatwa Bhatara. So that it is often used in the Manusa Yadnya ceremony. This sacred ceremony is held to preserve life, also cleansing the human body and mind. 

In addition, Majegau tree wood is often used as incense material or pasepan during yadnya ceremonies. Majegau wood can emit a fragrant aroma when it’s burned. Not only that, many houses and sacred buildings, as well as art carvings in Bali, also use Wood Majegau as its basic material. Amazingly, the extracts from Mejagau Wood can be used as a traditional medicine to treat constipation. This is a type of hereditary drug that is still used by the Balinese people until today. Majegau flowers and leaves are often used to make canang. In fact, the tree bark is used as a substitute for lime to make porosan in several places. 

Unfortunately, the existence of this tree is very rare in the forest due to theft and forest burning. So, the Majegau Tree becomes one of the protected plants in the protected forest area of Jembrana Regency. It also takes a long time to breed this plant. Because the cultivation of Majegau Trees can only be done through seeding with a complicated process. 

If you are curious about the shape of the Majegau Tree, you can go to the RTK 19 Protected Forest Area in the village of Mundu Anyar, Tegalcangkring Village, Mendoyo District, Jembrana Regency. This place can be a tourist attraction that you can visit after surfing at Medewi Beach.