Matigtig Tradition, Letting Out The Knight's Side Of The Bebandem Village Residents

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  • Desa Adat Bebandem, Kecamatan Bebandem


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Matigtig Tradition, Letting Out The Knight's Side Of The Bebandem Village Residents.

No need to ask about the richness and diversity of Balinese culture. There are so many traditions that have lived since generations ago, and still survive until today. Each region in Bali has their own customs. Without exception the Bebandem Traditional Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem. There is a hereditary tradition that is still carried out to this day, the Matigtig Tradition.

This tradition was held after the ceremony of Ida Bhatara Alit Tedun and also walked around the area of ​​Bebandem Traditional Village. When you watch Matigtig, you will see some local resident’s men wearing a bare-breasted traditional clothes. They walk while carrying papah biu or banana steam which acts as a weapon of war.

They will beat or nigtig each other's backs using a banana steam. But don’t worry, after the procession is finished, they will be immediately given medicine to heal the wounds on their bodies. For kramas, the matigtig tradition is a form of ngayah, or a kind of the mutual cooperation tradition, to the ancestors. This tradition is believed to be able to ward off dangerous hazards, such as disease, pests, and also other disasters from Bebandem Village.

Not only to reject bad lucks, the tradition is also believed to be representative of the qualities of the knight. The people of Bebandem who fought 'war' showed their knight's side and always guarded the village of Bebandem from danger.

The Matigtig tradition is actually one of a series of Nangluk Panca Baya ceremonies. For local residents, the Ngluk Panca Baya ceremony is believed to be a ritual to ask for safety from five dangers, namely: floods, fires, pests, diseases, and also wind.

The ceremony began with Nunas Tirta, which is to pray to cleanse the heart and mind, in some temples in the Bebandem Traditional Village. Afterwards, tirta or holy water for Balinese Hindus will be brought by Jero Mangku, and will be distributed in Bale Agung, Adat Bebandem Village. The next day, the tirta was brought to Pura Dalem, and kramas were immediately held prayers. At this time of prayer, kramas will ask Bhatara Shiva in Pura Dalem to be given and bestowed protection.

The procession was then continued by taking the tirta nunas, nasi tawur, and tridatu yarn from Pura Dalem. These three things will later be distributed to the kramas. The gift is used for maturan, or neutralizing negative energy, which is carried out in Sanggah Kemulan and residential areas.