Menyama Braya: Wisdom In Creating Harmony

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  • Dauh Tukad Desa Tenganan, Kecamatan Manggis


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Menyama Braya: Wisdom In Creating Harmony.

Wisdom is the key to make a harmonious life. An ideal life in society in Bali is called Menyama Braya. The island of Bali is predominantly Hindu and remains open to newcomers and tourists with various religious backgrounds. This is what makes Bali special. So, what’s the concept of Menyama Braya?

A system of values and cultural customs can create harmony among citizens. The concept of Menyama Braya, according to Braya Guru Asrta, has been practiced for generations by the Hindu community. The concept implements mutual cooperation and mutual assistance. Recognition and social equality grow a ‘fraternal tree’. Regard and treat others as a family is one of the attitudes they bring. By assuming that the other person is our brother or sister, joy and sorrow will be felt together.

Menyama Braya is not just a concept. But in Tri Kaya Parisuda, thoughts, words, and deeds unite in creating collective awareness to create a harmonious environment. It has been believed to minimize the occurrence of brotherly conflict. The awareness about the human that requires other humans, or that we cannot live alone, is encouraging good attitudes toward others.

Based on the structure, Menyama Braya comes from the words 'nyama' and 'braya'. Nyama means siblings, while menyama means to establish a vertical brotherhood. Braya means the neighbor. The word in Balinese is also called semeton, which means born so that it can be interpreted with every human being born into the world.

In a group of residents, it is known as nyama selam, nyama dauh tukad, and so on. These small groups mark social similarities so they can come together to form harmony together. It cannot be denied that every citizen is born closely with ethnic, religious, or other identities. But because of their attitude is based on traditional wisdom, it can create unity in society.

Difference is a capital to build mutual awareness about harmony. Not only in Bali which has the concept of wisdom to establish harmony. Every small enclave of the community also has a handle on eliminating conflict. By acknowledging others, respecting and honoring in words and attitudes, the ideal concept in harmonious life will be created.

From the smallest space, by respecting others as well as respecting oneself, then we have carried out the concept of Menyama Braya. When our neighbors experience sadness, then we must do kindness. An act of kindness creates an endless ripple, doesn’t it?