Ngelawang Barong Bangkung, Dancing Around The Village To Prevent Bad Luck

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Ngelawang Barong Bangkung, Dancing Around The Village To Prevent Bad Luck.

The tradition to prevent bad luck has taken root in the daily practice of Balinese people. Ngelawang is a tradition of playing the Barong Bangkung dance while walking around the village using a set of musical instruments. Interested in seeing the typical way of Balinese society to drive out negative things?

Ngelawang Barong Bangkung is held before or after the Kuningan Day and before Galungan Day. During the two holy days, children and teenagers went around playing the Barong Bangkung dance. Ngelawang itself is taken from the word 'lawang' which means door. Ngelawang means knocking on every door of a villager's house in order to expel negative things. While Barong Bangkung is a form of Barong Dance in Bali.

Barong, based on the search for historical evidence, is a mixture of cultures that occurred during King Airlangga's triumph. During his leadership, King Airlangga once occupied Bali. Proof of acculturation can be seen in the shape of the Barong mask. The Barong Bali mask bears a resemblance to Reog Ponorogo. The difference is that Bali Barong does not use Peacock but wears a golden crown.

Barong in the form of a bangkung or an old pig is played by two people. This dance is accompanied by musical instruments and paraded around the village. The crowd filled the corners of the village when this tradition took place. Sometimes, villagers give donations to the players. Barong Bangkung and the gamelan musicians consist of 6 to 15 children and adolescents. This tradition can easily be found in every village in all districts in Bali. Although the dancers wear different clothes in each region but have the same goal to prevent bad luck.

Ngelawang Barong Bangkung builds a cheerful and together atmosphere. This atmosphere can not only be enjoyed by Balinese people. If you are visiting the island of God at the moment before or after the Kuningan holiday, you can also enjoy the Ngelawang Barong Bangkung procession.