Pniel Church, The Symbol Of Tolerance In Blimbingsari Village

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  • Desa Blimbingsari, Kecamatan Melaya


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Pniel Church, The Symbol Of Tolerance In Blimbingsari Village.

Bali does have a million attractions. The beauty of nature, tradition, and tolerance between religions can be found on this island. Speaking of tolerance between religions, you can prove it yourself in Blimbingsari Tourism Village. There, the thickness of the original culture can still be felt, but the citizens apply the concept of harmony in life despite different beliefs.
Similar to other tourist villages in Bali, Blimbingsari Tourism Village also has a rural beauty. The atmosphere of the village is very neat and clean, which certainly makes the visitors feel at home and comfortable.
In this village, you can find two magnificent church buildings. Namely the Pniel church, located in Banjar Blimbingsari, and the Imanuel Church located in Banjar Ambyarsari. This time we will discuss the uniqueness of the Pniel Church, the oldest church in Bali, which is unique and interesting.
Don't imagine that you will see a European-style church building in general. The shape of the Pniel Church building is similar to a temple! This church is also decorated with various Balinese ornaments and carvings. Therefore, before 1970, the local people called it the Church-Temple. In general, the church uses bells to call its people at the time of worship. But it is different from the Church of Pniel, which uses wooden kulkul or hanging kentongan. This wooden Kulkul is placed in Bale Kulkul. Unique, right!
At first, the Pniel Church was built in a European architectural style, like the church in general. However, due to the earthquake that occurred in 1971, the church building was damaged. So finally, the church was renovated with the same structure as the temple, as it is today. The structure of the building was similar with temple, with a jaba sisi (outer courtyard), a gate, and also a place of prayer.
Not only the building that resembles a temple building, people who hold services in the church also use traditional Balinese clothes, complete with Kamben, Udud, Kebaya, and others. For the music, the instrument used is also a Balinese gamelan. These things make tourists amazed at the religious tolerance that exists so well in this village. In addition, the fusion of culture is also in harmony with religion in Blimbingsari Tourism Village.
You can find strong inter-religious tolerance at certain religious holidays. At Christmas, for example, the entire village community was enthusiastic about installing penjor. So, every holiday will feel festive in this village.