Puncak Mawar, The Newest Spot To Enjoy The Dusk Of Jembrana Sky

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  • Dewasana, Desa Pendem, Jembrana


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Puncak Mawar, The Newest Spot To Enjoy The Dusk Of Jembrana Sky.

Jembrana is a district located on the western part of Bali. Not many know the chosen place to enjoy the evening. Well, if you plan to spend a day in the open space, Puncak Mawar is the best choice. Interested?

The location is quite strategic to enjoy the evening, which is the highlands. Puncak Mawar offers an enchanting composition through a green forest equipped with a garden overgrown with various colors of roses. In this place, there is also a replica of a giant rose. This is it that can be a selfie spot for visitors. At first, this place was a forest. After being managed by local residents, it now becomes an impressive tourist spot.

From Denpasar, you will spend 2 to 3 hours of travel time. The Puncak Mawar is in the north of the State City of Jembrana Regency. You can use maps to make it easier to find this location. This place is precisely located in Dewasana Ward, Pendem Village, Jembrana District.

The closer to the location of the Puncak Mawar, the more narrow the streets. The slope is getting steeper. When you arrive at the parking lot, you can breathe freely. The parking area is quite large and you will get greetings from beautiful scenery. The next challenge is to reach the Puncak Mawar through the path. If you visit this hill, make sure you wear comfortable footwear. The trail that must be taken is a little steep. With a wooden ground bounded, you have to be careful.

The first spot, is an open gazebo equipped with chairs. There, there was a green expanse of trees and blue sky as far as the eye could see. Times like this will be more enjoyable if you order a cup of coffee along with traditional snacks. After enjoying the aroma of coffee, prepare the guts to climb a higher peak. The road to the summit is still quite steep, however, the fresh air and beautiful scenery make your energy recharged.

At Puncak Mawar, you can breathe fresh air away from the hubbub of the city. Occasionally birds fly and sing. You can enjoy this beauty to your heart's content for free. However, you can give donations as support for managing this tourist place.