Recognize The Characteristics Of Balinese Batik Motifs

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  • Ubud, Gianyar, Bali


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Recognize The Characteristics Of Balinese Batik Motifs.

Bali can be called a source of inspiration for tourists. Both its culture and natural conditions have big secrets that can ignite a variety of creative ideas. This can be illustrated from everyday small things, namely in fashion. Fashion is the result of interpretation with the surroundings. The results are represented in fabric, batik patterns.

Balinese batik motifs are quite typical. It is not difficult to recognize it because the cultural conditions and natural landscape become the background of the uniqueness of the original island of the Gods. In fact, you can find very specific and original Balinese batik motifs. Interested in authentic Balinese batik motifs? Well, to recognize it, you only need to observe the icons in Bali, then you will find something unique from a piece of batik cloth. There are seven popular Balinese batik motifs that can be recognized easily, which are as follows.

1. Balinese Dancers

These Balinese batik motifs usually depict women of Legong dancers. The dancer's motifs are not full, but the coloring method is balanced and filled with dot accents or repetitive patterns.

2. Singa (Lion) Barong

This motif is easily recognized because Barong has long been an icon of Bali. In the Balinese Singa Barong batik motif, you will see a combined picture of the figure of a lion, tiger, eagle, and dragon, with a choice of background colors, such as black or dark blue.

3. Bali Buketan

The name Buketan is taken from French which means 'a bunch of flowers'. Well, Buketan batik motifs in flora or a bunch of flowers are decorated with accents of butterflies or bees. The color of this batik tends to be 'young' and chic.

4. Ulamsari Mas

Unlike the previous moifs, Ulamsari Mas is a fish and shrimp patterned batik. This Balinese batik motif depicts marine animals that describe the natural conditions in Bali.

5. Merak (Peacock)

Although this motif illustrates the acculturation between Balinese and Japanese culture, but is known for its originality because of its blend of color and beauty.

6. Bali Pisan

As we know, Bali is called the Thousand Pura Island. This is where the inspiration of the batik makers comes. Bali Pisan batik motifs depict relief patterns of temples.

7. Simple Motifs

In simple Balinese batik motifs, you usually will see some animal patterns such as dragons, turtles, or deer. Sometimes the motif is just a wave pattern. While the color selection tends to be bright, so it looks prominent.

From the list of batik motifs above, Balinese culture and nature is plainly depicted in a piece of batik cloth. Of course, it can’t be separated from the aesthetic composition that makes batik enthusiasts fall in love with Balinese motifs. How about you, which Balinese batik motif that makes you interested?