Relax And Enjoy The Beauty Of A Hidden Paradise: Tangkup Waterfall

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  • Desa Undisan, Kecamatan Tembuku


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Relax And Enjoy The Beauty Of A Hidden Paradise: Tangkup Waterfall.

The beauty of nature in Bangli always invites tourists from various regions to enjoy it. Many tourist attractions in Bangli already have adequate access. However, some tourist attractions with minimal access are also visited by many tourists. Most of them deliberately venturing into places that have not been touched. This also becomes an opportunity for adventurers or landscape photographers.

Exploring Tangkup Waterfall

One of the beautiful and untouched waterfalls in Bangli is Tangkup Waterfall. This waterfall is still empty of visitors because not many people know this place. There is not even a travel agent that offers trips to this location. Plus not many tour guides know the location of Tangkup Waterfall.

Tangkup Waterfall has reached a height of 25 meters with very heavy flowing water. Tangkup Waterfall is also known as Slau Waterfall. The name Slau is taken from the name of the river that flows from this waterfall, namely Tukad Slau. Tangkup Waterfall is located in the village of Undisan Kelod, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency. Undisan Village itself is located at an altitude of 900-960 meters above sea level. It's located at the bottom of the valley so it has cold and fresh air.

This waterfall is about 24 km drive from Kintamani. While from Denpasar, the distance is about 39 km via Prof. Dr. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. You can use the help of online maps to go to the waterfall. Don’t be shy to ask the local people to get directions. Undisan Village residents are very kind and friendly to visitors, they will be happy to help and show the way to the location of the waterfall.

Visitors must walk about 600 meters from the parking lot to get to the waterfall. During the trip, visitors will find a path through local residents' yards and plantations. And the downhill road is quite steep and slippery. Be careful, because there is no safety grip on the side of the sloping road. Visitors will descend very steep land and only hold on the branches of trees that grow around it. Besides that, the road is still covered by lush plants.

Tangkup Waterfall discharge is quite large and even the roar of the water is heard clearly before arriving at the location. Upon your arrival at Tangkup Waterfall, your tiredness during the trip will be paid off with the freshness of the splash of the waterfall. You can swim in the shallow pool just below the waterfall. The flow of water that runs hard can be your freshener. Moreover, the environment around the waterfall is still very natural. Because of its difficult access, visitors rarely come to Tangkup Waterfall. The time to visit this waterfall should be in the morning to afternoon, because there’s no adequate lighting facilities around the waterfall.

Don't forget to bring your personal equipment, such as food and drinks, because there are no food stalls around the waterfall. Use comfortable clothes and footwear in order to reach the destination safely.