Relaxing Exploration Of The Quiet And Beautiful Sidan Villages In Southern Gianyar

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Relaxing Exploration Of The Quiet And Beautiful Sidan Villages In Southern Gianyar.

Sidan Village may still sound unfamiliar to the ears of first-time visitors to Bali. It’s because Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta, or Karangasem are more famous than Sidan. But, just like other tourist objects, the panorama and natural beauty is as beautiful as other villages. Sidan should be an alternative place for tourists. So, what can we do in this village?

Sidan Village

Historically, Sidan Village was once located in Pegesangan Hamlet, which is located 1 km south of the current location of Desan Sidan. However, for some reason, King Sidan ordered his kingdom to be moved to the North and then known as the Sidan Village as it is today. Located on top of a hilly area, this village offers a calm, beautiful, and cool natural landscape. With this atmosphere, making the village area very suitable as a place of entertainment to calm down from the noise of the city. So, for those who need a short break from the bustle of daily activities, you can try to visit this village.

While enjoying the serene village atmosphere, there are several other objects that you can explore. First, there is the Pura Dalam Sidan. Pura Dalem Sidan was founded by elders from Pura Sidan namely I Dewa Gede Pindi around the 17th century. Then two and a half centuries later, or more precisely in 1948, this temple was renovated by the son of Dewa Gede Pindi, namely I Dewa Kompyang Pindi. Like other Balinese temples, Desa Sidan Temple has high architectural art and is loaded with philosophical depths of Hinduism.

From Pura Dalam Sidan, walk west or right near the rice terrace. In there, you will find the Barong Sidan stage. This stage is a special area built to watch a variety of performances of Balinese arts for visitors. For tourists who want to watch a variety of typical Barong Sidan shows, can order the tickets to the Regional Tourism Office Level II Gianyar.

After finished watching the show at the Barong Sidan Stage, 100 meters to the northeast of the Pura Dalam Sidan Temple, there is the Bukit Camplung Temple which stands majestically on a cliff. The cliff is full of ancient writings so that no one knows what the meaning of the ancient writings is. Many people around believe that the Bukit Camplung Temple is used as a place for the gods to confer Gambelan Angklung Sidan, which is very well known to foreign countries. This temple is also known as the Masceti Temple.

The location of this natural attraction is in Sidan Village, Gianyar District, or exactly 4 km from the City of Gianyar in the direction of the City of Bangli. If you depart from Denpasar, you have to spend about 31 km which can be reached by 40-60 minute drive. Don't forget to bring snacks to accompany your trip!