Riding The Waves In Lembeng Beach

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  • Desa Lembeng, Kelurahan Ketewel, Kecamatan Sukawati


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Riding The Waves In Lembeng Beach.

Gianyar is known as the right place to spend your leisure time while enjoying the green panorama. But, did you know that Gianyar also has a beach for surfing? It's called Lembeng Beach. Although it's not as famous as other surfing beaches, you can get the challenging sensation of conquering the waves.

Lembeng Beach 

Why do you have to visit Lembeng Beach? Because in there, you can freely ride the waves with a surfboard. If you are on the beach, try facing the ocean, enjoy the waves and the summer breeze that will hit your face. At the end of the horizon, you can see the ocean turning blue. Enjoy the roll of waves from the horizon to the edge of the coastline.

Lembeng Beach is located in Lembeng Village, Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. From Gianyar City, the distance is approximately 15 km or within 45 minutes of travel. If you come from Denpasar via Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra bypass, turn right about 200 meters from the traffic lights at the crossroad to Biaung Beach. You will find a large sign "PANTAI LEMBENG", then turn left. Your next trip will be directed towards this beach. 

Once on the beach, a black sandy beach stretches from West to East. A sparkling light seems to illuminate from the beach sand when it’s exposed to sunlight. There are also temples made of rock structure, which make the beach more beautiful and natural. The waves that break the coral, the palm trees on the beach are waving, and the gentle breeze blowing on the air makes anyone will feel as if in paradise. 

This beach offers very good waves for surfing. It is located directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, which makes the waves of Lembeng Beach fit for surfing. Unfortunately, not many people come to surfing there yet. Besides, the condition is still beautiful and natural, so it’s like a private paradise for you. In addition to surfing, you can also fish, relax, and enjoy the sunset. 

If you visit the beach, it is advisable not to bathe in the beach area. Because the waves and ocean currents are classified as very strong. Like several other beaches, Lembeng Beach is also one of the locations to hold various religious events such as Melarung or Melasti which are often carried out by Hindu-Balinese people. 

There are some supporting facilities provided for visitors, like a large parking lot, a gazebo, food and beverage stalls, and toilets. This beach is managed by the local traditional village community. So that the beach is always kept clean. 

For additional information, this beach is very easy to reach if you come from the East Bali region. For example from Lebih Beach, Goa Lawah, Candidasa Beach, Balai Kertha Gosa, and Bali Safari Park.