Sangsang Waterfall: A Waterfall In The Middle Of A Stunning Forest

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  • Desa Taman Bali, Kecamatan Bangli, Bangli


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Sangsang Waterfall: A Waterfall In The Middle Of A Stunning Forest.

Bali has so many natural attractions that you can go to. Not only the beaches, for example, a number of waterfalls were widespread in several districts. Many tourists who come to Bali take the time to visit the waterfall. One of them is Sangsang Waterfall in Bangli Regency. With the beauty of its nature, this waterfall is a suitable place for relaxation. Come on, get to know this waterfall before you visit it!

Sangsang Waterfall

Sangsang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in Taman Bali Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency. Sangsang Waterfall is about 35km from Denpasar City or about 1 hour. When driving to the location of the waterfall, you will pass a bridge. This bridge is an easy marker to get to the location. After arriving near the area, you can park your vehicle in the parking lot provided. After that, walk towards Sangsang Waterfall. Prepare yourself to walk about 5km to the location of the waterfall. Sangsang Waterfall location is in the middle of the forest. Access to the location via a path in the middle of the forest, climbing ravines and shrubs that make your trekking trip to Sangsang Waterfall quite impressive.

Sangsang Waterfall is at the bottom of the valley with a height of 30m. The water discharge is quite large. Because of its height, you can see the beauty of thick water mist. The thick fog created by the impact of a waterfall with rocks below. If the added reflection of the sun, you will see a rainbow tinge. This scene looks exotic and beautiful. You’ll feel so comfortable enjoying the vegetation of tropical plants typical of the fertile highlands. You can also swim and feel the fresh waterfall immediately. The cold water will relax your muscles after a long walk. After playing water, rest in the surrounding gazebos. But before you go there, you should bring your own supplies because there are no food stalls around the waterfall. 

Spending time in a waterfall is definitely fun. But remember, save your energy for the trip back to your inn. Because you have to go through the same tiring road as in the beginning. It is recommended to leave the location of the waterfall before dark. Because there are no street lights yet.