Sate Kakul, A Unique And Delicious Culinary In Ubud

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  • Jln Raya Kengetan, Desa Singakerta, Ubud, Gianyar


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Sate Kakul, A Unique And Delicious Culinary In Ubud.

You might be familiar with Satay Plecing as one of the most popular Balinese food. But apparently, there’s another unique satay culinary in Bali: Satay Kakul. Like we said before, this culinary is quite unique, because it uses a surprising ingredient. Curious? Check out the review below!

Satay Kakul

Satay Kakul is one of the best halal traditional food from Ubud, Gianyar Regency. The surprising ingredient of this meal is a snail. In the past, the Ubud people often made Satay Kakul because snails were easily found in the rice fields, which were the hallmark of the city. Well, in the modern era like today, it turns out that Satay Kakul is transformed into a culinary that is loved by so many people.

It’s quite easy to make this satay. First of all, the snail is cleaned then put it into a skewer stick and then burned. Before it is burned, the snail meat is smeared with a mixture of seasonings of oyster sauce, hazelnut, soy sauce, and tomatoes. Also, grilled fish seasonings such as brown sugar, shallots, and soy sauce are often applied to the baking process. 

Although the method of making and the ingredients are simple, the taste is extraordinary. These satay flavors tend to be spicy. So, if you love spicy cuisine, you need to try this satay. It’s guaranteed enough to make your sweat come out of your body because of its spiciness. But if you don’t like spicy food, don’t worry. You can ask the seller not to use chilies for your food. 

This satay offers a unique taste, with chewy meat and a little sweet. Usually, this satay is served with a plate of warm rice. You can also choose to eat Satay Kakul with ares or banana stem soup typical of Bali. 

You can go to Jln Raya Kengetan, Singakerta Village, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, to enjoy Satay Kakul. You can get a portion of Satay Kakul with a price of IDR 25,000. Relatively cheap, right?