Seeing The 13th Century Heritage Statue In The Kebo Edan Temple

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  • Jalan Tampaksiring, Blahbatuh, Gianyar


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Seeing The 13th Century Heritage Statue In The Kebo Edan Temple.

Getting a nickname as the Island of the Gods, Bali has a thousand temples that you can visit for spiritual tours. The visitors usually come to take pictures because almost all temple buildings in Bali have interesting architecture. Or they often meditate, because the calm atmosphere of the temple can make meditation more solemn. But, behind the atmosphere and the uniqueness of the building, some of the temples have a great history that holds evidence of civilization from time immemorial. For example, Kebo Edan Temple, which plays an important role as a unifier of Shiva and Bhairawa beliefs in Bali.

Pura Kebo Edan

The name Kebo Edan is taken from a buffalo statue in the temple court. This statue is a symbol of Shiva's vehicle called Nandini. The image of a buffalo is described as having an angry face and seems to be raging towards the statue of Shiva Bhairawa who is depicted doing Bhairawa's teachings which satisfy the passions to achieve the goal.

Pura Kebo Edan was founded around 1284 or in the 13th century AD. This temple was built during the heyday of the Kingdom of Kediri on the island of Java. At that time, King Kertanegara who served was believed to adhere to the teachings of Hinduism. When successfully conquering the island of Bali, King Kertanegara ordered Kebo Parud to become a Patih in Bali. As a Patih who represented the government of the Kingdom of Kediri, he was also sent to bring the teachings of Hinduism namely Shiva and Bhairawa so that these teachings were adopted by the Balinese people. Although these two teachings are different but have the same understanding in achieving moksa as the ultimate goal of life. And in this Kebo Edan Temple these two understandings are united as Shiva Bhairawa. 

You can see many objects in this temple. Once you get inside, you will arrive at the central courtyard or Jaba Temple. There is an invitation and a bale-bale which is usually used as a photo spot for visitors. From the middle jaba, there is the main temple area. In there, you can see a statue of Shiva Bhairawa as high as 3.6 m which is the main attraction of Kebo Edan Temple. This statue with the shape of a large and burly body is described as dancing on a human corpse. 

The statue of Shiva Bhairawa is also referred to by local residents by the name of Ratu Sakti or Ratu Balian. This statue is estimated to be a relic of the Kertanegara era around the 13th century AD, with other features of the ruffled waist, curly hair, her face is not very clear because she wore a mask with a band tied behind her head. There are snakes wrapped around her legs and hands. On this statue, there is also a male genital and there is a small hole next to it. 

There are still a number of other relics in this temple. You can visit it on Jl. Raya Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency. This temple is located at the southern end of the village, close to the border of Bedulu Village. The distance is approximately 7 km from the City of Gianyar and approximately 27 km from the City of Denpasar. If you plan to visit Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring, don't forget to stop by for a moment at the Kebo Edan Temple.