Sekar Agung, Lyrical Melody Of Ancient Language Songs

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Sekar Agung, Lyrical Melody Of Ancient Language Songs.

Bali has a variety of attractions. From beautiful and exotic tourist attractions to amazing arts and culture. Bali also has traditional songs that make the listener feel the “home” atmosphere. One of the songs is called Sekar Agung or also called Tembang Gedhe.

Sekar Agung is a Kawi song that has been adapted from Old Javanese. The song is bound by the Guru Lagu. Guru means long, while Lagu means short. The rules of the Guru Lagu are similar to classical poetry. You can see it from the length of syllables and vocal sound patterns at each end of the line. Interesting, right?

This classic Balinese song has various types. Namely Aswalalita, Tanukerti, Watapatia Wangeasta, Cekarini, Puspitagra, Saronca, and others. In addition to these types, there are also Kakawin, a type that cannot be categorized. Kakawin contains figurative sentences that describe an event, comparative sentences, and so on.

Well, Sekar Agung is included as Kakawin. You may have known the Classic Ramayana Kakawin, right? Kakawin is often sung. When you hear it, your imagination will definitely fly away. If you hear the melody of Kakawin Ramayana, you will be carried away in the romantic atmosphere of Rama and Sinta. Although not many people can understand the language because they speak Kawi or speak Balinese, the melodious sound will make your ears enjoying the tone.

By the way, to sing the lyrics of Sekar Agung, it requires a high level of ability. The singer must understand the tone, matra, and also rules in singing the lyrics. You will be amazed because the singer will have a long breath. They are usually able to finish each line of the lyrics of Sekar Agung in one single breath.

Just like poetry, the song also has special rules. As explained briefly, the song has rules of lines, syllables, and sounds. The choice of language used is very soft, and the song also contains some hidden messages from each story.

To sing the song, it is also bound by the rules. The way of singing will affect the atmosphere. Pretty complicated, right? That’s why it becomes a precious work of art. The song of Sekar Agung is played through the arrangement of tones and the meaningful row of lyrics.