Snorkeling And Diving In Gili Selang, The New Attraction In East Bali

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Snorkeling And Diving In Gili Selang, The New Attraction In East Bali.

Bali was awarded a variety of exotic and amazing natural attractions. There are many reasons for you to be able to visit Bali, because Bali is The Island of Paradise. You will find almost every place in Bali is extraordinarily beautiful, including the new natural tourist attraction. One of them is Gili Selang in Karangasem.

The charm of Gili Selang

In Balinese, Gili is a term for a small island. Yes, Gili Selang is a small island located in the eastern part of Bali, which is Karangasem Regency. Perhaps not many of you familiar with this name, because its location is indeed a bit remote and rarely exposed by tourists. Although not as famous as famous tourist attractions such as Tirta Gangga Water Park or Virgin Beach in Karangasem, Gili Selang has an extraordinary charm that can make anyone fall in love.

Gili Selang is a paradise for water lovers. You can find a very interesting underwater view, the sea water is clean with a variety of coral reefs and ornamental fishes. Tourists who have been there will often come again and again for snorkeling and diving. Like we mentioned above, the ocean is so clear, that you can see the coral in shallow water from a distance, and also fishes and small crabs that hide behind rocks. The beach around Gili Selang does indeed have quite calm waves. Around the waters, you can see there are several large rocks that function as a breakwater. With this coral, you can enjoy the exotic underwater nature of Gili Selang in peace.

Not only the underwater paradise alone. Gili Selang mainland conditions in the form of green hills, making this small island more interesting to explore. You can try trekking to one of the hills after snorkeling or diving, to see the charming natural scenery from the top of the hill. Guaranteed, your vacation experience while on Gili Selang will be hard to forget.

Although it's not very popular, it doesn't mean that the tourism facilities on this small island are still minimal. Gili Selang is an inhabited island. For that, facilities such as food stalls and even inns can be found easily. Moreover, there is the Gili Selang Temple which is a place of worship of the surrounding population. So the atmosphere is not so quiet.

Access to Gili Selang is actually quite easy. You can travel to Padang Bai Beach in Manggis District. This beach is also the entrance that connects Bali with Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. From Padangbai, the trip can be continued using a boat. Your trip to Gili Selang Karangasem won’t be too long. You only need about 45 minutes go there. Furthermore, you can already enjoy various exciting activities while visiting this small island.