Stop By For A Moment At Taman Sari Temple To Enjoy Peace

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  • Jalan Hanoman Padang Tegal, Ubud


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Stop By For A Moment At Taman Sari Temple To Enjoy Peace.

Quiet tourist attractions will make some people feel comfortable. In this place, the natural atmosphere will be ‘noisier’ than in crowded places. Yes, Taman Sari Temple is one of the destinations that can be chosen to enjoy silence. Located in a strategic location, this place is easy to find.

Taman Sari Temple is a sacred place. Even so, the place used to worship the Balinese people is open to tourists who have good intentions. If you have the intention to pull over and harden your conscience, then come at the right time. The location is less than three kilometers from the Sangeh Sacred Monkey Forest.

From the counter inside Sangeh Sacred Monkey Forest, you only need to spend 6 minutes using the vehicle to Taman Sari Temple. Although walking does take a longer time to get there, on foot, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the journey.

Along the way, you will find a charming Balinese atmosphere. There are lots of souvenir shops and dining places that serve a variety of dishes. By the way, the road to the temple is a one-way street. This rule was made to control vehicle traffic because the road is not too wide. You will also find another solemn temple. It’s called Pura Saraswati. In front of this temple, there is a pond overgrown with lotus flowers.

On certain days, the Taman Sari Temple is closed due to a sacred ceremony. Well, now you can rest in front of the temple in pendapa. You can see the unique architecture with various kinds of Balinese ornaments.

At the place of the security guard or rather located in front of the temple, you can ask about specific rules for entry. One of them is wearing sarong and shawl for women. Other rules apply generally for tourists who visit the temple, including women who are menstruating, are not allowed to enter the holy place.

The atmosphere of Bali will make you fall in love many times. Both to the tourist attractions and the character of its people. It makes domestic and foreign tourists feel comfortable to come to Bali. Not to be added to the longing of art and traditional practices.

Visiting Bali only one time isn’t enough. Are you with us?