Suwat Water Festival, The Excitement To Greet The New Year

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  • Desa Suwat, Kecamatan Gianyar


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Suwat Water Festival, The Excitement To Greet The New Year.

In Bali, you will find various festivals to commemorate a celebration. For example, every year, there’s the Suwat Water Festival and it has become an annual tradition. The festival had almost become extinct. But upon realizing the importance of preserving tradition, the Suwat Water Festival was held lively every year.

The water festival is a ‘water war’ that's held in Suwat Village, Gianyar. At the beginning of the event, there are some traditional games and dances, also the closing ceremony is enlivened by Siat Yeh or the water war. Before the ‘war’ begin, there’s an opening prayer. After that, the fun war begins!

The participants in the festival go to the specified location. It’s located in the four cardinal directions. Precisely at Bale Banjar, Suwat Village. The position of the four cardinal directions is the meaning of balance.

Water is an important marker in welcoming the beginning of the year because it’s also an element that can purify itself. This water war itself is a symbol of fighting the evil. With this festival, the Balinese people hope that bad things won’t happen in the future. Those bad things have been cleansed and purified by the water element, so that goodness will fill the year.

It is said that water is also a tool for various rituals in the Kingdom of Gianyar. The soothing and cleaning nature of water causes this object to be chosen as a positive medium. The water used in this festival is taken from springs. Because it comes from pure water, it is believed to be a treatment for all diseases.

Besides having a positive meaning, Suwat Water Festival is an attraction for tourists. Both local and international were so impressed when attending this event. The traditional spirit of the Balinese People makes the event feel so memorable in the eyes of tourists. The event is bright and the good intention will inspire many people.

Besides enjoying the annual Suwat Water Festival, you can also take a walk to enjoy the atmosphere of Suwat Village. Because, not far from the location of the festival, there is an interesting waterfall. It’s called Suwat Waterfall. This new waterfall was officially opened on October 22, 2019. The natural scenery towards Suwat Waterfall is very beautiful and the road to the waterfall is very adequate.

Suwat Waterfall is as high as 15 meters. Under the waterfall, there is a pool that can be used to play water. The pool is large enough so that you can travel in groups to the Suwat Waterfall. Well, this waterfall is open from morning to evening. Do not get past 6:00 PM, because in the evening, these natural water attractions are closed.

The clear water used for the Suwat Water Festival and from waterfalls that fall to the ground can be refreshing. Are you interested in festivals that have philosophies like the Suwat Water Festival? Well, the festival is held at the end of the year around December 29 to January 2. Let’s pack your bag!