Taman Jinja Karangasem, Bali And Japan Combined In One

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  • Banjar Angsoka, Desa Besakih, Kecamatan Rendang


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Taman Jinja Karangasem, Bali And Japan Combined In One.

The charm of the island of Bali, and all of the area in it, is unlimited. For example, one area that is increasingly crowded by tourists is Karangasem Regency. This year too, there is a new natural tourist destination opened for tourists. The name is Taman Jinja Karangasem (Karangasem Jinja Park).

Karangasem Jinja Park was only established since February 14, 2019. However, its natural beauty has been well known to foreign countries. This place is a combination of the beautiful natural charm of Karangasem, with a beautiful man-made garden design. There, you will feel like a vacation in Japan with the natural atmosphere of Bali! Exciting right? 

In this park, visitors will be taken on a tour to Japan thanks to the existence of the torii, or the gate in the Shinto shrine. The bright red color, and its shape which is a parallel bar supported by two vertical plates, will make you feel like you are in a Japanese garden! 

In Japan itself, besides functioning as a gateway to the temple, torii also serves as a benchmark for the boundaries between humans and Kami, spiritual beings worshiped by Shintoists in Japan. So even though the shape is similar, the torii in Karangasem Jinja Park does not have a spiritual function like that in Japan, but only as a decoration to beautify this park. 

Thanks to its uniqueness, Torii in Karangasem Jinja Park is often the object of photo for selfie lovers. Torii, which is lined up in a row, looks very instagramable if captured in a camera shot. So, don’t be surprised if this tourist spot is already crowded by visitors who want to take pictures in front of the torii. 

Besides enjoying the unique atmosphere of Japan through the presence of bright red torii, you can also find comfort and beauty atmosphere. Around Jinja Park, there is a large and green area of the local people's plantation. So, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh natural air in the middle of the plantation. You can look at various types of flowers belonging to residents who can add color to your holiday this time. 

To go to Karangasem Jinja Park, you can come to Banjar Angsoka, Besakih Village, Rendang District. This park is very close to Besakih Temple, the biggest temple on the island of Bali. So, you can go to two tourist attractions at the same time if you want to visit Jinja Park and Besakih Temple. For those who are interested in coming, you don't need to pay an entrance ticket to relax in the park which is managed by local residents. However, you can donate the amount of money you want. Well, that money will be used by the local residents to build facilities around the Karangasem Jinja Park.