Tasting Lawar Klungah, The Traditional Food Of Jembrana

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  • Kecamatan Negara, Jembrana


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Tasting Lawar Klungah, The Traditional Food Of Jembrana.

Traveling is not merely about visiting new tourist attractions, but also tasting regional specialties. Some culinary tastes are strange that you never even tried before. But that does not mean this is a barrier for you to taste new dishes, right?

Spicy Lawar Klungah 

In Jembrana, there is a special dish that you can enjoy. It feels like an ointment for the people of Java. But there are some differences, of course. It's called Lawar Klungah. Klungah, in Balinese, means young coconut. While Lawar is a mixture of several types of vegetables that are stirred with traditional herbs.

In Bali there are several types of lawar. Lawar Putih, Lawar Merah, Lawar don Blimbing, Lawar Klungah, and several other types. Lawar Klungah itself means a mixture of vegetables with young coconut which has been chopped, then stirred together by hand. So the herbs and vegetables and chopped coconut are evenly mixed. 

Lawar Klungah is spicy because of its seasoning that's mixed with vegetables and coconut. So, it's definitely not suitable for you who don't like spicy food. It can even make you sweat. But, if you like spicy food, then Lawar Klungah would be perfect for you! 

Lawar Klungah is usually served with pork roll. But if you don't eat pork or meat, don't worry. You can eat this food with rice as a side dish because it’s been a tradition from Jembrana.  

You can come to the restaurant that provides the best Lawar Klungah in Jembrana. This dish is perfect for lunch, especially when your stomach is hungry. It will be more delicious if served with a glass of fresh sweet iced tea. Your vacation in Jembrana will be very memorable.