Tembok Barak Waterfall: The Waterfall Behind Sturdy Red Cliffs

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  • Gg. Cengkeh, Desa Sambangan, Kecamatan Sukasada


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Tembok Barak Waterfall: The Waterfall Behind Sturdy Red Cliffs.

What’s your favorite place in Bali? Whether it’s a beach or a waterfall, they will both look amazingly beautiful! Even when you visit Bali, you can go to ‘hidden’ waterfalls that haven’t been heard by many tourists, such as Barak Sambangan Waterfall. It is one of the stunning waterfalls in Bali that shouldn't be missed.

Barak Sambangan Waterfall

Barak Sambangan Waterfall isn’t as popular as Nungnung Waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfalls, and Gitgit Waterfalls which are both located in Buleleng Regency. Barak Sambangan Waterfall is a new water tourism destination in Buleleng. Although relatively new, the waterfall in Sembangan Village, Sukasada District, Singaraja City is also able to stun the tourists with its beauty and uniqueness.

The size of this waterfall is quite low, not as high as other famous waterfalls in Buleleng. Even so, this waterfall is still beautiful to be enjoyed because the flow of water from the waterfall flows through high cliff walls. This is what makes Barak Waterfall unique. The cliff or wall from which the flow of water is red. No wonder why this waterfall is called Tembok Barak by local residents. Tembok means wall, while barak means red.

Before enjoying a waterfall, you have to go through a long journey first. You need to walk 700 meters. So, prepare your stamina and physics first before deciding on a picnic at the waterfall. Along the way, your eyes will be spoiled by the views of plantations, rice fields and lush trees in the forest. Of course, these things make your journey feel even more exciting and enjoyable to travel while breathing fresh and cool mountain air.

Under the splash of waterfalls, there is a fairly large and deep water pool. If you want to swim or play water, you should do it on the edge for safety reasons. The water is very clear and fresh because it comes from mountain springs. It's good if you come Monday to Thursday. Because on weekends, the waterfall is quite crowded with visitors. Don't forget to bring a camera, food and drink supplies, and change of clothes. There are no food stalls available around the waterfall.

Barak Waterfall is about 80 kilometers from Denpasar. You can travel for approximately 2.5 hours by traveling via Jl. Raya Bedugul-Singaraja. It's far enough to go here. But, when you get to the location, you will be truly amazed by its beauty.