Temega Tree House: The Sensation Of Nature Tourism On The Side Of The Road

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Temega Tree House: The Sensation Of Nature Tourism On The Side Of The Road.

When you visit Bali, most of you surely want to explore the nature tourism places. And indeed, there are many interesting green-scenery spots in Bali. The problem is, not everyone is able or wants to walk through some challenging paths to reach the tourist attractions. As an option, you can come to the Temega Tree House.

This tree house could be the best choices for those who one to feel the natural sensation, but couldn’t go through the challenging path. It’s located on the edge of the road of Karangasem Regency, Buleleng. However, from this very side of the road, you can enjoy the unlimited natural scenery of Bali from there. You can relax in the middle of a rural landscape, surrounded by the lush trees, and enjoy the wide and green rice field. Surely, it’s the best way to spend your holiday.

Even though the Temega Tree House has a natural nuance, but this tourism object is filled with modern people. Lots of young people who visit this place to take pictures for their social media material. Yep, lots of instagramable photo spots in there!

To go to this place, you have to travel a distance of about 70 km from Denpasar, or about 3 km from the Tirta Gangga. On the left side of the main road, you will find a car park area that reads "Temega Tree House". From there, you have to walk about 50 meters to reach the tourist attractions. If you ride a motorcycle, you can directly park at the location near the entrance ticket.

When you arrive at the tree house, you will be given a choice of two access roads: a suspension bridge or a footpath. If you choose the suspension bridge, it's definitely more exciting! This bridge is only supported by sling ropes, so you will feel like being in an adventure in the middle of a forest. But don't worry, the bridge is strong even though your steps will be rocky and unstable.

So on the contrary, if you are afraid of heights or if you bring a child, you should just go through the footpath. So your journey to the tree house will be safer and more stable. When you get there, you will find a tree house whose materials come from nature, such as wood and bamboo. Of course, this things will make the atmosphere more natural.

As a tourist spot, this tree house cannot be used for staying overnight, but only to enjoy the natural scenery of Bali from a height. But uniquely, there are several more houses located in the tree. You can access these places from a suspension bridge or a wooden bridge. At the house, you will find a cafeteria, a place to relax while enjoying local food and drinks.

Its uniqueness doesn’t stop there. There is also a five-story tree house! Can you imagine how exciting it is? From the 5th floor of the tree house, you can see the village and a vast expanse of rice fields. You can meet and greet the cute monkeys and beaver that roam free around there. Don't worry, these animals are already tame, and indeed deliberately released to add a natural impression. This tourist attraction is also flanked by two rivers. Therefore, you can enjoy the green expanse while listening to the sounds of gurgling rivers from a distance. Happy holiday!