The Amazing Sculpture Artwork At The Njana Tilem Museum

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  • Jalan Raya Mas No. 162, Kecamatan Ubud, Gianyar


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The Amazing Sculpture Artwork At The Njana Tilem Museum.

Bali is indeed an amazing place where you can find various interesting attractions, such as natural beauty, culture, and culinary. Talking about culture, you might notice that there are so many sculptures in Bali. Yup, the sculpture is part of Balinese culture, since many great artists born in this island of the Gods.

Njana Tilem Museum 

The Njana Tilem Museum is a family-owned museum of a famous sculpture artist in Bali from Gianyar, Ida Bagus Tilem. This museum was established as a place for storing and preserving the entire sculpture collection made by Ida Bagus Tilem's father, Ida Bagus Njana. The Njana Tilem Museum only began construction after Ida Bagus Tilem died in 1993. However, the construction of this museum was stalled for a moment due to the monetary crisis that struck Indonesia a few years ago. Then, in 2011, the museum was rebuilt by the two sons of Ida Bagus Tilem, who are the third generation of the Ida Bagus Njana family.

In the museum, which has an area of 1.8 hectares, you can see a variety of interesting collections. Such as sculpture that is equipped with an explanation of the concept and detailed design, a number of paintings by classical Balinese, national artists, and several international artists who have settled in Bali. You can also find Balinese antique carvings which are carved into masks and beautiful door sheets. This is a private collection produced by Ida Bagus Njana and his father during his lifetime. 

This museum building consists of two floors. The upper floor includes a lobby area as well as a permanent exhibition space that displays various collections by Ida Bagus Njana and Ida Bagus Tilem. While the lower floor is a place for temporary exhibitions that display special collections of Ida Bagus Tilem. On the lower floor, there are four exhibition halls that specifically exhibit hundreds of years of antiques, Ida Bagus Tilem's sculpture design with the theme of Ramayana, a sculpture with the theme of daily life, and a special room for fauna, masks, Balinese carving frames and doors Balinese antique. 

For you, art lovers, walking around the museum and enjoying various works of art on display will satisfy your imagination. After walking around, you can relax for a moment in the green park in the vast museum area. You can sit for a moment while stretching your legs or just chatting with other visitors. You can also visit the gift shop to buy souvenirs from the Njana Tilem Museum. Or if you want, you can taste the menu in the cafe located in the museum area. 

Visiting a museum can be an educational tour that will increase your knowledge of Balinese culture. So you should add this place as one of your holiday lists in Bali.