The Beautiful Panorama Of Mountain And Sea In Batu Sanglot

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  • Banjar Tanah Barak, Desa Seraya Timur, Kecamatan Karangasem


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The Beautiful Panorama Of Mountain And Sea In Batu Sanglot.

If traveling is one of your hobbies, going to a new tourist attraction has indeed become the exciting thing that has always been awaited. In Bali alone, there are still many tourist attractions that haven’t been touched. Therefore, there are several attractions that have just opened for the public. One of them is Batu Sanglot, which is located in East Seraya.

If you visit the place, you will be presented with a unique view. Namely the blue sea and arid hills. This tourist attraction located in Banjar Tanah Barak, East Seraya Village, Karangasem District is a new attraction for tourists, both local and foreign. Thanks to its unique natural beauty, Batu Sanglot becomes the target of visitors who want to take selfies. 

The natural landscape of the mountains and also the expanse of blue sea, which you usually find in cute drawings of children, can be found at Batu Sanglot. There, you can also see views of residential areas that make the atmosphere more unique. 

To get this incredible view, you must first pass a fairly difficult route. This place can only be accessed by motorcycle, with a distance of about 30 minutes from the City of Amlapura. Since this place is still new, not many people know about this place. So, you will only meet find some local residents and also a few tourists who are enjoying the scenery while taking pictures. However, with a beautiful panorama owned by Batu Sanglot, of course, this one tourist attraction will be enlivened by tourists someday. 

Until today, this place is only managed by the local residents. Some residents arrange this place to be more interesting, by making some chairs made of stone and planting trees by the roadside. Not only aims to be used as an attraction for tourists, but also as a place to rest for the pemadek after praying at the Batu Sanglot Temple. 

The beauty of the Batu Sanglot attraction is as beautiful as the other famous tourist objects in Bali. Therefore, this place has the potential to become a crowded tourist attraction in the future. So, for those of you who want to have a quiet vacation enjoying the beautiful panorama of nature, this is the perfect time to come to Batu Sanglot. Guaranteed, you will feel the calmness and forget the hustle and bustle of the city noise.