The Captivating Of Majapahit Temple In Jembrana

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  • Desa Baluk, Kecamatan Negara


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The Captivating Of Majapahit Temple In Jembrana.

The extraordinary of Majapahit Temple has been famous throughout the world. This tourist attraction located in the Jembrana State of Bali is always crowded with tourists, both on weekdays and weekends. So, don't be surprised if this Majapahit Temple is worth visiting. The charm of its beauty can make you stunned!

Not only famous for its beauty, the locals there are also known to be very friendly. This is, of course, an added value for local tourists and foreigners. The existence of this tourist attraction is very diverse with other tourist objects, such as the Kingdom of Mengwi, Jembrana, and Blambangan. So if you visit Pura Majapahit, you can also go to some of these tourist attractions. Certainly, your vacation can be more exciting!

Always crowded by visitors, the Majapahit Temple has quite complete supporting facilities. There are parking lots, bathrooms, rest areas, restaurants, and many more. Getting there is also quite easy. You won’t be lost, because this place already exists on Google Maps. So, you can just follow the direction. Of course, your trip will be easier if you bring your own vehicle. However, if you want to ride public transportation, you can too. You just need to find a bus which stops at the Negara bus terminal. After that, you can take an ojek to Baluk Village, until at the location of the Majapahit Temple. It's easy, right?

The important thing is, if you want to go there, you have to monitor the weather first. Also be sure to bring additional items such as lunch, drinking water, and snacks. Don't forget to bring your personal medicines! Before leaving, you are also ready to prepare your physical health so that the holiday will be more fun!