The Do’s And Don’ts In The Historical Places

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  • Amlapura, Karangasem


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The Do’s And Don’ts In The Historical Places.

Historical sites have certain backgrounds. But unfortunately, some tourists are ignorant of the rules and information stored about a building or architecture. Many ancient tourist attractions were damaged due to irresponsible actions. Now, as a good visitor, what shouldn’t be done when visiting a historical place? As we know that the island of Bali has a long history. Many monuments, temples, temples, ancient sites and other objects that have important records in the history of the times. If you visit historical places in Bali, pay attention to the list of ethics below.

1. Looking for information about historic sites that will be visited

Information about a place should be conveyed according to the historical facts. In order to avoid misunderstanding about a place or event, the most appropriate step is to obtain valid information about the place. At the very least, you need to know the background of the site.

  2. Follow the rules 

Some historical places have rules posted on the notice board. Be sure to follow the rules. For example, do not damage, wear polite clothes, and do not disturb people who are worshiping in temples. There are also historical attractions that do not allow visitors to take pictures in front of the site. Usually, this rule is for some sacred areas that have limited access.

3. Pay attention to the photo pose 

This action is often ignored. There are some visitors that take photos in front of historic sites with the intention of being funny. For example, by treating historical items as funny and underestimated objects. So, please respect and let’s maintain the historical value.

4. Keep the environment clean 

Every tourist location has provided bins. Some of the places even provide bins for various types of trashes. So, keep the place clean.

5. Maintain historical objects 

Not all historical tourism areas are heavily guarded by officers. This causes loosening of opportunities to steal or take historical objects around tourist sites. Now, as tourists who have a high awareness of ethics, stay away from this action.

After reading this article, you will get more knowledge about the do’s and don’ts while visiting the historical places. So, let’s go to learn history!