The Elegance Of The Untouchable Batu Belah Waterfall

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  • Dusun Dewasana, Kelurahan Pendem, Kecamatan Jembrana


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The Elegance Of The Untouchable Batu Belah Waterfall.

Bali offers a lot of hidden paradise that you can explore. One of the them is in Jembrana, called Batu Belah Waterfall. This unspoiled waterfall is a tourist attraction especially for those of you who like new experience. Come on, get to know more about Batu Belah Waterfall before you visit it!

Batu Belah Waterfall

If you are new to this island of Gods, the name Batu Belah Waterfall might still be unfamiliar for you. This Waterfall is located in Dewasana, Pendem Village, Jembrana Sub-district, Jembrana Regency. Precisely, 4 km from Negara city. To reach the waterfall, you need to walk about 200 m from the main road. Such a trekking with challenging paths. In addition, you will walk with sloping land contours. When it rains, the road will be very slippery plus a winding route. Take it easy, all these tiring adventures will be paid after you meet the stunning waterfall.

Get ready to be amazed by the beauty of the waterfall and the panorama around it. Vegetation of tropical plants that surround this waterfall looks cool to look at. Dewasana Waterfall is surrounded by rock cliffs that are not too high. So that it displays a unique view. Try looking up at the flow of the waterfall and you can see this waterfall flowing from a large rock slit split. That is why this waterfall called Batu Belah Waterfall.

As a challenge, try jumping from one of the rock cliffs that surrounds this waterfall and get ready to plunge into the pool safely. The natural pool below the waterfall is not so deep. This pool is ready to tease you soaking and feeling the freshness. The cold and clear water can refresh your body after being tired of walking. Guaranteed, this natural beauty will not make you disappointed. 

Not visited by many tourists, the condition of this waterfall is still very natural and calming. Very suitable as a place to rejuvenate your soul. In addition, there are many interesting photo spots that you can find here. Teenagers from local residents often come to take pictures. Batu Belah Waterfall is not equipped with tourism support facilities. Therefore, you should prepare you own toiletries, dry clothes and some snacks. 

Summer time is the best time to visit this fall since the paths leading to the waterfall tend to be slippery during the rainy season. With sloping and slippery soil contours, it will be quite dangerous. In addition, it is not recommended to be in the waterfall until dark because, the path is not equipped with enough lighting.