The Excitement Of Cycling Around Ubud

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  • Ubud, Gianyar


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The Excitement Of Cycling Around Ubud.

Bali has always been famous for its beaches, waterfalls, and museums. But, did you know that you can fill your vacation in Bali with sport? Yup, you can be cycling around Ubud and feel the cool air caress your face. Your body will be healthy and your eyes will be spoiled with the beautiful scenery of the area. So, which route can be taken?

Cycling Routes Around Ubud 

In fact, it’s safe to cycle in all the streets in Ubud. The condition of the Ubud area is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. But usually, there are three cycling paths that are most frequently traveled by tourists. These routes will take you to see the beautiful nature of Ubud and enjoy some of the famous tourism spots in the area.

The first route starts from Ubud Central Parking on Jln Suweta. This path is a bit crowded because it passes through the center of Ubud. After that, head to Jln Dewi Sita. Next, there is an intersection and then turn right onto Jln Goutama. Later, you will be on Jl Raya Ubud, precisely to the left of Nomad Restaurant. After that, you have to turn left towards the Ubud Market and Ubud Palace. You can stop by for a moment to see a variety of typical Balinese souvenirs at the Ubud Market. Or take selfies in Puri Ubud with the walls of the building carved in a unique style typical of Ubud. Then, you can continue cycling, take the road to the right from the market crossing toward Jln Suweta. The atmosphere of the small town will slowly be changed with rural areas, accompanied by the calm green rice fields. With this route, at least you will go through three villages, namely Sambah Village, Sakti Village, and Junjungan Village. From Junjungan Village there is a T-junction, turn left and reach the famous rice field area in Bali, Tegallalang Rice Field. Tegallalang rice field is the last route of your 2 notes & trip. If there is still energy left, ride a bicycle about 6 km to Petulu Village, to see the Kokokan Bird colony. 

The second route starts from Jln Tirta Tawar with the finish point also in Tegallalang Rice Field. Unlike the first route, this path is a bit quiet. Along the left and right of the road, you will see a lot of lodging with various interesting architectures from traditional to modern styles. Also occasionally, a small rice field owned by a local resident. This route is suitable if you want to cycle faster because there are rarely obstacles and the path tends to be straight. The fresh breeze of the countryside feels gentle touching your face as you pedal the bicycle. Before arriving in Tegallalang, stop by briefly at Alas Harum Agro Tourism to rest while tasting various kinds of Balinese coffee, as well as the famous delicious Luwak coffee. Also, don't forget to try playing extreme swing too. 

Well, the third route can be started from Jln Raya Pejeng Kawan. If the journey starts from there, then the finish point is at Campuhan Ridge Walk. On this track, you can see traditional agrarian activities and witness some of Ubud's cultural activities. This cycling path has been adjusted and combined between natural paths and cultural paths, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Bali, as well as places of cultural activity. This activity can certainly be interesting because Ubud is one of the centers of art and culture in Bali, which of course each side has many uniqueness. In addition, the terrain traversed is also quite interesting. Starting from the contour of a winding road through rice fields and then arrived in the Bukit Campuhan area. 

If you want to ride a bicycle in Ubud, you can rent a bicycle in a nearby rental place. You can get a rental at a cheap price. Some inns even rent out bicycles, complete with the tour guides.