The Exotic Presidential Palace: Tampak Siring

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  • Jl. Dr. Ir. Soekarno, Desa Manukaya, Kecamatan Tampaksiring


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The Exotic Presidential Palace: Tampak Siring.

Not only adorned by the special natural conditions, but also a historical story. That's the right brief description of the Island of the Gods. For your next holiday, how about enjoying nature while studying history? Certainly, your holiday will be unique and interesting! You can come to Tampak Siring Palace to experience the thrill of nature as well as history tourism.

Istana Tampak Siring is often used to hold state ceremonies. Not only that, but this place is also often used as a meeting place by the president and his ministers. Yes, Istana Tampak Siring is indeed one of the historical heritages of Ir. Sukarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia. 

This palace was built after Indonesia's independence because Ir. Soekarno wanted a quiet and cool place to rest for him and the state guests. Therefore, this palace was later built in several stages, assisted by R.M. Soedarsono as the architect. The construction took about six years, ie from 1957 to 1963. Tampak Siring Palace consisted of four buildings; namely wisma merdeka, wisma yudhistira, wisma negara, and wisma bima; and was built at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. 

Once you enter the palace gate, you will immediately be greeted by cute deers. You can even feed them with leaves in the palace. Inside the palace, you will find a 1,200 meter-wisma merdeka which is used as the bedroom of Ir. Sukarno. Whereas the wisma negara, which is connected by a bridge with the wisma merdeka, is where the president entertains guests. For the wisma yudhistira, it is usually used to receive a group of guests of the president. The latter is the wisma bima, which is usually used by the presidential guards for staying overnight. 

For some people, Istana Tampak Siring may still sound unfamiliar. Tampak Siring is better known by tourists as Tirta Empul Temple, located in Tampak Siring sub-district. In this temple, there are springs that are often used by local people and visitors to bathe and ask for holy tirta. Usually, Tampak Siring is visited by tourists in the Ubud area. 

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation that can take you there. So if you want to visit, it's a good idea to rent your own vehicle or take a taxi. About the entrance fee, you will be charged a tariff of IDR 30,000 per person, and IDR 25,000 for children. If you are on holiday in Ubud, don't forget to stop by the Tampak Siring Palace!