The Quiet Atmosphere At Ketewel Pabean Beach

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  • Desa Ketewel, Kecamatan Sukawati


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The Quiet Atmosphere At Ketewel Pabean Beach.

Gianyar is the most visited place by tourists because this place offers a beautiful natural green atmosphere. There is only a view of rice fields as far as the eye can see. But there’s another reason: it’s also because there are some hidden beaches. One of them is Ketewel Customs Beach.

Interesting Activities at Pabean Beach 

If the beach you usually visit is located on the edge of a major road or behind hills, this Pabean Beach location is a bit unique. It is located behind residential areas. You need to walk along the houses of residents to arrive at this beach. Although located in a busy environment, but the beach is still fairly quiet. Not so many tourists know about this beach. That’s why Pabean Beach is called a private beach by the residents in the area.

Pabean Beach is a black sandy beach with a very fine texture of sand grains. Try walking along this beach without using footwear to prove how fine is the sand. Many tourists even feel comfortable sunbathing without using any base. Sunbathing activity will definitely feel fun because you can only hear the sound of the waves and the singing birds.  

Besides the sand, the waves that adorn the beach are quiet calm and not too big. So that it’s safe for children. For adult visitors, this beach can be a place to test their ability to swim. You can swim as far as you can without worrying about being hit by big waves. Another activity you can do is snorkel. Not only the scenery on land that makes you amazed, but the underwater panorama of Pabean Beach is also able to make you stunned by the presence of coral reefs and some harmless marine animals. 

Even so, the large waves usually still appear in certain months. When the waves are large, this beach will be filled by surfers. Well, the atmosphere of Pabean Ketewel Beach becomes a little more crowded with surfers when the big wave season arrives. 

Interestingly, Pabean Beach also offers an amazing panoramic sunrise. You can check the local sunrise time so you don't miss the moment of sunrise. Don't forget, prepare your best camera to capture this moment. If you are afraid to be left behind, you can choose to stay in several villas that are located on the beach. This inn was deliberately built by the community to facilitate the accommodation of visitors who want to see the sunset at the Pabean Beach. With affordable lodging prices, you can enjoy the complete facilities of a villa close to the beach. 

The facilities are also quite competing. There’s a bathroom to wash your body after playing on the beach. In addition, there are also snorkeling and surfing equipment rental places. The price of renting is also relatively cheap. There are also several stalls that sell snacks and drinks. If you want heavy food, you can bring your own lunch. 

Well, for you who want to enjoy a quiet beautiful beach, don't forget to put Pabean Ketewel beach on your list. This tourism object is located in Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. The distance is only around 4.6 km from Sukawati Art Market. Have a good vacation!