The Spicy Yet Tasty Sambal Embe

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The Spicy Yet Tasty Sambal Embe.

Bali is famous for a variety of its delicious dishes, such as Chicken Betutu and Sate Lilit. These two dishes are always managed to get a place in the hearts of every people. In addition to the two dishes above, there’s another popular food called Sambal Embe. The distinctive taste makes Sambal Embe loved by almost everyone.

Sambal Embe

In addition to spicy chili sauce, Bali also has Sambal Embe. Sambal Embe is very simple. Uniquely, this sambal uses pieces of fried onions that make it taste even more savory. Other ingredients to make this sambal are curly red chili, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, salt, and lime.

To make the sambal, all ingredients will be sauteed until half-cooked or dried, according to taste. After sautéing, the ingredients are then blended then mixed with fried onions, sugar, and salt. Some stalls and restaurants even add a lot of fried onions, so the chili texture becomes more crispy. 

Sambal Embe is actually similar to chili sauce. But Sambal Embe produces spicy chili sauce with a fairly crisp stuffing. Unlike the chili sauce that tends to have wet textures, because it uses raw materials. 

This menu will be very suitable to be eaten with warm white rice, fried fish, and cah kangkung. What do you think? Are you interested in trying this delicious special Balinese Sambal Embe? Fortunately, you can find it easily in many stalls and restaurants in Bali. Specifically, those stalls that sell duck food, because Balinese people often eat this chili sauce with duck meat.