The Three-Eyed Barong The Ruler Of Niskala In South Bangli

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  • Desa Adat Kuning


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The Three-Eyed Barong The Ruler Of Niskala In South Bangli.

Besides being known as an exotic place thanks to its natural beauty, Bali is also known for many traditions that have been carried out from generation to generation. In Desa Adat Kuning, Bangli, there is a melaspas and pralingga mascot Ida Bhatara Tri Sakti or Tri Linggayana. At the ceremony, the pralingga has the form of a three-eyed barong, or also known as barong mapengaksian tiga. This ceremony is certainly considered special, because three-eyed barong is a rare thing in Bangli.

The Melaspas and Masupati Ceremony which was held on November 21th 2019, was the third procession. The first ceremony was held in 1997, after the pralingga was finished. Then, the same ceremony was held again in 2007 or 10 years later, after the process of ngodakin (repair). It was only in 2019 that the third ceremony was held because there was also a ngodakin process.

The repair process of this pralingga takes approximately two months. Not because the barong is damaged, but rather to improve so that the barong looks better. This barong repair was carried out by the Anak Agung Anom Putra Adnyana from Kawan Temple, Bangli, who was also assisted by all krama.

In the third procession, actually the barong used is a duplicate of the original. Reportedly, the original barong is already too porous, so then the duplicate is made, resembling the original one. Even though the duplicate have been made, the original barong is still kept until today because it is still considered sacred by the local residents.

As mentioned earlier, the three-eyed barong is very rare. In Bangli itself, there are only two three-eyed barongs. One is in Pakraman Pengotan Village, while the other is in Pakraman Kuning Village. In Pakraman Pangotan Village, the three-eyed barong acts as the ruler and also the guardian of North Bangli. Meanwhile, in Pakraman Kuning Village, Barong is the noetic force and guardian of South Bangli.

Aside from being the ruler of the noetic power of South Bangli, Ida Bhatari Tri Sakti is also believed to often heal some illnesses. Reportedly, there have been a variety of illnesses that have been cured after performing nunas tamba. Even a serious illness, such as stroke. The ill resident who want to perform the nunas tamba, their houses will be visited directly by pemangku alit. By reading this article, your knowledge about Bali will certainly increase. So, don't forget to check out some interesting information in other articles about traditions and interesting places in Bali!