The Thrill Of Watching Makepung

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The Thrill Of Watching Makepung.

Bali has a tradition of racing. If you've heard of Karapan Sapi, Bali has Makepung. You can see this tradition in a certain amount of time. Curious about what kind of buffalo racing is in Bali? 

The tradition of buffalo racing usually occurs in Jembrana Regency. Initially, this tradition originated from the game of buffalo racing by farmers. Exciting activities were carried out after plowing the fields. But over time this activity actually made a routine competition.

Makepung comes from the Balinese language, kepung which means chasing. To be able to do Makepung, there must be two buffaloes, a wagon, and a jockey. If in the past the farmers had buffaloes and did chase games. Now the Makepung competition is carried out by racing jockeys. 

This game is performed in an open arena. Precisely in vacant land with an area of about two kilometers and forming a letter U. You can see buffalo and carts decorated with various accessories to attract the attention of the audience. The cart will be painted and given Balinese carvings. Well, if you plan to watch Makepung, don't forget to bring a camera to capture this exciting moment. 

If you are lucky, you can watch Makepung in Melaya District. Makepung is very attractive and competitive. Because each participant competed for the Governor's Cup to be won. Well, Makepung winners are very unique. Not seen from who first reached the finish line, but for those who had the farthest distance among the other participants. The safe distance needed by each participant is about ten meters. Unique, right! 

To be able to see Makepung, you should visit Jembrana from July to November. Well, if you don't have time to see Makepung in Melaya, there are still some Makepung circuits that you can go to. Some of them are Delod Berawah, Kaliakah, Pangkung Dalem, Merta Sari, Tuwed, and Awen. Come in the morning, because the competition starts around 07:00 WITA every Sunday. In addition, you can also see the "buffalo fashion show" which will certainly keep you entertained. 

You can see the ornaments used by buffalo on the horns, legs, and body. Well, usually there will be introductory dances of the competition. The dancers consist of men and women who tell how buffalo riders race. Interestingly, you can see the Jegog bamboo orchestra. Jembrana traditional music.