Tips For Riding A Motorcycle While In Bali

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Tips For Riding A Motorcycle While In Bali.

Administratively, Bali is divided into 9 districts. The island with a land area of more than 5,000 square kilometers has every corner of beauty. To approach every corner of its beauty, the most flexible transportation is a motorcycle. Because not every road can be accessed by four-wheeled vehicles, motorbikes are the only vehicles that are arguably the most agile. When riding a motorcycle while on vacation in Bali, be sure to pay attention to the tips below.

1. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet as protection is the first tip you should do. Besides being able to protect from heat, wearing a helmet also minimizes undesirable things such as bumping. Don't forget to hook the safety on the chin part of your helmet until it clicks so it doesn't come loose while driving. Wear a helmet that fits your head size to be comfortable for your every trip to Bali.

2. Check motor vehicles

For the convenience of travel, before bringing the motorized vehicle that you rent, it would be better to check a few things Such as brakes, lights, bells. There are two brakes in motor vehicles, namely the front brake and rear brake. Of the two brakes, the rear brakes are safest to use when the motor is speeding. Well, make sure the motor you rent has these two brakes that work well for your safety.

3. Learn the traffic signs at a glance

In Indonesia, especially in Bali, vehicles go on the left side. Even with traffic signs on the left side of the road except for the long-distance glass which is on the corner road. Usually, there will be a mirror in the corner and uphill road. So, you can see the road clearly from a distance. Some traffic signs will also make it easier for motorists in the lane, such as safe speed and road markings.

4. Use the horn

The horn is used as a marker by making a sound. Often, local residents ring the horn when the traffic light is green so that the front row starts immediately. However, there is something more important in using the horn. That is to notify large vehicles, such as trucks, that there are motorized vehicles driving from behind. The horn is also a marker if you are going to overtake.

5. Turn on the sign when turning

On the left and right side of the motor, there are sign lights. This lamp must be turned on before you turn left or right. If you will turn right, then turn on the sign to the right and if you turn left turn on the sign.

6. Bring a driving license

A driving license is an important thing that must be taken when driving. There are two types of driving licenses, namely national and international driving licenses. Well, foreigners must have this letter when driving a motorcycle in Bali.

7. Avoid carrying sling bags

Most likely, you will carry a bag that contains traveling equipment. Now, to make it more comfortable and safe to drive a motorcycle while in Bali, avoid carrying a sling bag. The safest way is to bring a backpack that is carried on the back.

8. Don't forget to bring a raincoat

A raincoat is a piece of important equipment that must be carried while on a vacation trip by motorized vehicle. Especially during the rainy season, if possible bring a spare raincoat. When you are in a location with no place to use as a shelter, you can wear a raincoat so that your clothes won’t get wet. When getting off the vehicle and heading to your destination, don't forget to bring your spare raincoat just in case.

9. Pay attention to the fuel

A full tank automatic scooter is containing a range of 4 liters of fuel. A full tank can cover 200 kilometers. Well, before leaving, check the fuel content. The refueling points are usually only in the district capital. While in the suburbs area, there are retail fuel sellers on the roadside. So, you’d better check the tank every time you pass the district capital.

10. Control the speed in driving

On public roads, the vehicles normally go above 40 kilometers per hour. But in a small alley, it will speed less than 40 km/hour. While on the crossing or bypass the vehicle can go above 60 kilometers per hour.

Consider the 10 tips above, before you rent a motorcycle in Bali. If you choose to ride a vehicle on a holiday trip in Bali, follow the driving rules. If you’re sleepy, rest for a while in the rest area. Have a nice vacation and be safe!