Tiying Seni Waterfall: The Best Tourist Attraction For Adventurer

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  • Desa Catur Munduk, Kintamani


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Tiying Seni Waterfall: The Best Tourist Attraction For Adventurer.

Bangli is one of the districts Bali which is famous for its natural attractions such as lakes and waterfalls. The district with an area of 530.81 square km has cool air and beautiful panoramas. With a new waterfall in the village of Catur Munduk, your vacation this time will be more impressive. Surely, you will feel refreshed after visiting this waterfall.

Tiying Seni Waterfall 

You can visit Tiying Seni Waterfall which is located in Catur Munduk Village, Bangli Regency. The location is in the border area between Badung and Bangli. Once past the Bangkuk Tukad Bridge in Pelaga Village, you only need to continue driving until you find a signpost of Tiying Seni Waterfall. You can park the vehicle in the residents' yard and then prepare your energy to reach the location of the waterfall.

You need good stamina to get to the Tiying Seni Waterfall. The path you have to cross to the main road is quite far. You need to go through a rocky footpath with a length of up to 4 km. Along the way, you will see orange orchards and coffee plantations all around. Fortunately, there are motorcycle taxis that you can rent if you don't want to walk. 

Motorcycle taxis only take you to the road that can still be reached by vehicle. Next, the journey continues on foot until you arrive at the waterfall. The terrain you’ll take is in the form of winding downward trails and steps. There are many ferns and mosses around the road. Be careful of slippery road. We recommend that you wear comfortable footwear, and bring a sturdy wooden stick to support your body so that it's easier to walk. 

After arriving at Tiying Seni Waterfall, you can immediately feel the freshness of the water discharge that falls from a height of 20 meters. During the rainy season, there are two streams of the Tiying Seni waterfall. But in the dry season, only one flowing water. This happens because the river above the water flow shrinks. There is a pond just below the waterfall. The water is fresh and suitable to wash your body. You can relieve your fatigue from the daily hectic life and fatigue. The size of the pool is shallow, only to the waist of an adult. So it is safe for swimming. 

Near the waterfall, there is also a natural stone that is quite large. You can stand on the rock to take pictures. You can take photos in the style of yoga, meditation, stretching out both hands, just free your style. Create your photo style as unique as possible in Tiying Seni Waterfall. 

Because classified as a new tourist attraction, the waterfall is still empty of visitors. So that not so many supporting facilities are available here. So it is advisable to bring your own snacks and drinks to fill your stomach. In addition, since the way back from the waterfall is far, don't stay until late at night!