Tradition In Bali At Night Full Moon

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  • Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli


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Tradition In Bali At Night Full Moon.

A poet often considers the full moon as an inspiring moment. However, for Hindus in Bali, they have a different level from poets. Although they both touch poetic moments, worship rituals performed by Hindus hold on to the lunar calendar. While poets create a series of words adhering to natural phenomena. Every movement of the moon becomes a reference for spiritual practice. Isn't it similar to a poet when making poetry? Both of them have the aim to knock on the spirit or the deepest soul.

When the night sky reveals a perfectly round moon, Hindus in Bali will worship at the nearest temple. The mantra that is said is 'Om Purnamada Purnamidam'. The mantra can be interpreted as the principle of the Universe, namely "completeness to achieve perfection". The ceremony carried out during Full Moon is a tribute to Dewa Chandra. Along with chanting the mantra, Hindus will offer canang sari. Offering or canang sari is made from woven coconut leaves that are still young, then filled with flowers, fruit, and food. Hindus in the ceremony of Purnama Sasih use sarong and white tops, and yellow obi like other ceremonies. 

Full Moon Ceremony Sasih is one way to express gratitude, to ask for protection and to be blessed by the Creator. The ceremony was held in every temple or petirtan like Tirta Empul, Pancoran Solas. For those of you who want to enjoy the cultural richness of the Balinese Hindu community, then you can follow the path of the Pasihama Sasih ritual or ceremony. But, make sure you follow the rules that have been set so as not to interfere with those who are worshiping. 

There is also a place that carries out ceremonies with unique variations. Namely with the Rina Kecak dance. This dance is the result of a collaboration between an artist named Walter Spies and Indonesian choreographer, Sardono W. Kusumo. This performance can be watched at ARMA Museum, Ubud. While in Bali, you can adjust your schedule with the agenda of traditional or cultural activities. How do you enjoy the full moon night on this island?