Tukad Barong, A Waterfall In A Cave, Bangli

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  • Desa Yangapi, Kecamatan Tembuku


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Tukad Barong, A Waterfall In A Cave, Bangli.

Many beautiful and interesting natural charms on the Island of the Gods can spoil your holiday, whether you go with family, friends, or beloved partner. One of them is Tukad Barong Waterfall. These attractions can provide different unique, beautiful, and interesting natural treats to complete your adventure. Although the attraction of waterfalls is more dominated in the North Bali region, but apparently there are still many waterfall destinations that you can enjoy in other areas. Like the Tukad Barong Waterfall in Bangli.

Tukad Barong Waterfall 

Tukad Barong Waterfall is a new waterfall attraction in Yangapi Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency. The location of the waterfall is quite easy to find, because it is very close to the Yangapi Market. For those of you who want to come to this place, just make the Yangapi Market a benchmark. Next, turn north from the Yangapi Market and drive straight for 1.8 Kilometers until you find a sign board that reads Tukad Barong Waterfall on the side of the road.

To go to the waterfall, you have to walk one kilometer along the river and fields. The beautiful natural scenery during your walk is able to spoil the eyes of every visitor. You will be more amazed when you see a 4 meter-lengt-tree bridge. This bridge is formed naturally from banyan tree roots that grow heavily on both sides of the river. Usually, visitors will stop briefly to capture the moment. 

Walking about 300 meters from the Root Bridge, the faint sound of the waterfall began to be heard. Well, this means you will soon arrive at the location of the waterfall. Tukad Barong Waterfall is located inside a cave. You need to walk about 20 meters from the mouth of the cave to reach this waterfall. Your fatigue will pay off with the beauty of this 11 meter-waterfall. This waterfall is still very natural with two high cliffs flanked. The water condition is very clear. Of course, your body will feel refreshed shortly after splashing into a pool of waterfalls. All the fatigue felt when traveling is gone instantly. 

After witnessing the beauty of the waterfall, continue your journey to the petirtan or water fountain. The residents around believe that the running water fountain is holy. So if you want to visit or bathe in Tukad Barong Waterfall, please pay attention to the rules that apply in the local area. 

And, don't forget to bring food supplies to keep your holiday festive. Because there are no stalls around the waterfall area.