Ubud Tourism Village: Bali's Art Centre

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  • Ubud, Gianyar


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Ubud Tourism Village: Bali's Art Centre.

Enjoying Bali's vibes with a touch of artistic feeling will be one of a kind vacation for you. Bali is not always about stunning beaches. Its other natural beauty and the amazing traditional culture are a great side of Bali that you must experience. Have it ever crossed your mind to come to Bali with the aim of knowing more about its cultural arts? If yes, there is one village in Bali that is definitely your destination. It's called Ubud Tourism Village, this will satisfy your thirst for Balinese art.

Let's book a trip to Ubud! You will be amazed how easy to find this village is. Located in the middle of Bali Island, precisely in Gianyar Regency, you just have to drive 1.5 hours with a distance of 42 km from Ngurah Rai Airport via By Pass Ngurah Rai street. Although the distance is quite far, you won't be bored since the view that you will find along the way is a stunning terraced rice fields completed with a cool weather. Not to mention the forest area with ravines and winding rivers that are ready to accompany your trip.

Ubud village has been famous as a tourist village in Bali since the 1930s. This village has a strong artistic element. Their unique painting style, sculpture, dance, and traditional music. The elements of art and culture have been become a part of the society they live in.

When arriving in Ubud, you will find art galleries and shops that sell handicrafts from local artists in almost everywhere. The shops are lined up along the road. Most of the people of Ubud are artists and this condition distinguishes Ubud from other villages in Bali. Just come straight to these galleries to enjoy the artworks by local artists.

Wandering around the art gallery and seeing a variety of paintings, carvings and sculptures are interesting activities in Ubud especially you are an art lover. This place is absolutely your heaven. If you are interested in any items, go straight to the galleries you like and ask the artist by yourself. You will get a fair price, beside that you can ask directly the story behind the artwork. After being satisfied doing tour the galleries and craft shops, it is highly recommended for you to come to Puri Saren Agung. Every night, Puri Saren Agung helds dance performances. Enjoy the dancer's graceful movess performing Balinese dances to perfect your night in Ubud.

A numerous popular art museum is situated in this village. Go visit Neka Art Museum, Renaissance Blanco Museum, Rudana Art Museum, Puri Lukisan Museum, and Agung Rai Art Museum and many more to satisfy your passion for art. The famous Ubud Art Market is also available for you to hunt artistic Balinese souvenirs. So, come to Ubud and don't be surprised when you decided to leave a piece of your heart in this amazing village.